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Exercises every man (& woman) should do

So the following article is my OPINION not a stated fact. So don’t get all upset if you aren’t currently up to my standard. But over the years as a trainer I have observed what the average man can do. And what he should be able to do. These are just some examples of exercises you should be able to do, there are hundreds that you can add into a successful program, but I wanted to highlight 3 excellent benchmarks for you to aim for.

So lets get into this ….

The 3 exercises every man should be able to do.

1) 10 Full press ups in a row. I’m talking chest pausing 2 inches off the ground for 3 seconds before explosively pushing back up. No hips dropping, just quality form throughout

2) 5 pull ups. Overhand grip, pausing at the top of the bar, lowering yourself down slowly. No bouncing/kipping.

3) Deadlifting a weight that is 150% of your bodyweight with good form. So if you weigh 80kg you should be able to deadlift 120kg with perfect form.

Some of you will probably think this is easy, but others will be dispirited. “I’m nowhere near that”. Well buck up guys! This is a target not a Royal Decree. If you’re not there yet then let this be your new goal. If you’re already there then don’t rest on your laurels. That was the bare minimum. And if you decide that you require some help getting there, then fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we can set up a strategy call.

I hope this super-quick article has helped give you some perspective on training goals

Talk soon


P.S. Now that you know what 3 exercises you should be able to do why not check out my article on Creatine, so that you can begin to fuel your workouts properly.


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