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Carb-free diets make you fat

Every decade or so, the public’s opinion on diet changes. So we had the anti-fat campaign. Where anything with saturated or unsaturated fat was poison. Then there was the Atkins which promoted fat and protein whilst demonising the carb. Now we have “Healthy fats” which are supposed to be amazing at getting us lean. And SUGAR is the enemy.

But that’s not how nutrition works, it is way too complicated for that. There is no evil food. But in terms of public perception, losing weight = ditching carbs. Well I’m here to tell you that this is wrong!

So here are 4 reasons why your no-carb diet is making you fat.

1. You aren’t measuring anything. Most people give up bread and decide to eat wraps instead, well what if I told you that wraps have more calories then bread? So making that switch would actually make you fatter!
2. Lowering carbs may cause you to increase your fat and protein. Fat is 9 cals per gram, protein is 4 cals per gram, carbs are 4 cals per gram. If you cut out 200g of carbs, but increase your protein by 100g and your fat by 50g. You have increased your calories and will get fatter.
3. You are less likely to stick to a carb-free diet long term. You must have realised that pretty much everyone who goes carb free is back on them after 6 months, in fact I’d bet that many are back on carbs within 1 month. Carbs are delicious, and are a staple of our diets! Giving them up is difficult, and means you are missing out on a lot of good food. Any diet that makes you give up all of the nicest foods forever is going to fail HARD.
4. Carbs can help you lose weight. Many carb sources are also great sources of fibre. You know, that thing that keeps you feeling full. The macro-nutrient that keeps you regular (if you catch my drift). Another popular carb source that people get rid of are potatoes. Which again, are excellent at keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Making them the perfect diet food.

To sum up, if you want to lose weight, cut down on carbs by all means, but don’t eliminate them! You can also cut down on fat and protein (gasp)

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