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How to prevent those frustrating mid afternoon cravings

A guest post from a good friend of mine (and overall badass personal trainer) Daniel Harrod on how best to prevent mid-afternoon cravings. Dan is a personal trainer in Harrow Leisure Centre just like myself, and has got some absolutely stunning results for his clients. Check out his facebook page and website (but read the article first, […]

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Terminator 1 Can Teach You About Fat Loss

Quick give me the story line to Terminator 1. … Okay I’ll give it to you. The Terminator comes back in time, identifies a target, pursues it relentlessly. Ultimately fails. Yeah my movie reviewing business was not up to much! But hopefully you can see where I’m going with this. The terminator didn’t decide he was going to catch Sarah […]

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Supplements Won’t Help You

Everyone is taking some form of supplements; Whey protein, Creatine, Fat-burners, Herbalife [shakes head]. I believe that this is mostly due to the fantastic marketing of supplement companies. They make it sound like drinking a protein shake will immediately add muscle, but that’s sadly not how it works. You need to work those muscles first, you need to […]

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Deadly dieting sins: Guest blog

In the first of several guest blogs I will be writing for Fit Lifestyle Box here is a new article I wrote on the 7 deadly sins of dieting. I know right? Proper cheesy title, but I loved writing it and avoided the temptation to spend 1,000 words writing about how awesome Brad Pitt was in […]

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What Fitness Models Won’t Tell You

Thanks to instagram and facebook there are more fitness models than ever, or should I say “Fitness Models” in big fucking air quotes. Because most of them are just random people calling themselves that. I cooked a cheese toastie once, doesn’t make me a chef does it? Anyway we’ll stick to actually “This is how […]

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What’s In My Gym Bag?

Or alternatively, “What do I bring with me to every session?” There are a tonne of products out there for gym goers. Some really good stuff. And some absolute rip offs! So what is worth your time?Firstly get yourself a notepad, not because I need you to take notes of what I’m saying (that would be fucking stupid if […]

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What The Pub Can Teach You About Fat Loss

I love going to the pub, absolutely love it. Hanging out with my friends, having a laugh, getting drunk. It ticks a lot of boxes! Of course, the downside of the pub is that it costs a lot. And if you arrive earlier than any of your mates it can be a bit depressing. Because you don’t know anyone […]

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Phone use in the gym

When I started out as a trainer, my pet peeve was people answering their phone in the gym. And in some ways it still is. Nothing more annoying than waiting for someone to get off your equipment when they’re busy talking on the phone*. But, I have since changed my mind. There are a lot of trainers and gym-goers out there […]

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Secret Tip For Fat Loss

I thought that headline might get your attention! The secret is consistency. Which I know is boring and it isn’t a short-cut, In fact it’s the opposite …. But I promised you a secret of fat loss, and it definitely feels like one. When you look at all those fitness models, athletes, and competitive bodybuilders, they will tell you that […]

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Marathon Man Ashley

Recently I was trying to work out who my longest running client is. And I realised that my client Ashley “Marathon Man” Rubinstein had been training with me for over 3 years. Which is awesome because I’ve only been working in my current gym for 3 and a half years. So he was pretty much there from the […]

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