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Why The Body Coach Is Full Of Sh!T (But Still Gets Results)

This is an old article, that is suddenly getting an increase in traffic due to the excellent work that Joe Wicks has recently done during the pandemic. I’ve since written a more updated post, which is a lot better (and more topical). You can read it here.

By now you’ve probably heard of the Body Coach – Joe Wicks. He looks like a slightly stronger version of Russel Brand (and sounds identical to him too). He has shot to fame over the last 6 months or so and my fellow trainers fucking hate him! Seriously, if you want to hear a bunch of fake tanned people cry just mention how successful he is. Part of that hate is jealousy … A big part to be fair. But there’s also the completely accurate view that he doesn’t really know his shit.

Joe doesn’t have a good handle on nutrition. He seems to believe that because a fat is ‘healthy’ it is good for fat-loss (trust me it isn’t). He focuses on High Intensity Interval Training as his only form of exercise, and that’s just stupid – there are many more effective ways to get results. But the guy is incredibly successful.

Why is the Body Coach so successful?

Because even though his training program isn’t optimal and his nutritional advice is naive. The fact of the matter is what he teaches is FUN. It looks fun, it sounds fun, and his personality makes people excited to train. Because of this approach people get results! Even if your program is sub-optimal, and your diet is based on out-dated principles, if you enjoy what you’re doing and believe in it you will eventually get results. You are being CONSISTENT

I would say that I’ve learned a lot from Joe Wicks, even if I disagree with his methods, I can’t argue with his results

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