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guess whose back

Craving Results: Guess Whose Back?

Hey hey! Guess whose back? Wow, it’s been a while…not even sure where to start (or if I’m actually talking to anyone?) Sorry for the absence, I have to say I have always been pretty sporadic with projects (my 3 boxes of half complete craft works will tell you that!) I guess you have been […]

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writer's block

Craving Results: I’ve got this writer’s block

Happy New Year…(are we still saying this? – I’ll go with it!) I know there’s been a radio silence on this blog again for the best part of a month (though the last one was posted quite late after I wrote it, so I suppose it seems longer to me than it did to you). […]

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Craving Results: How to stay SMART

So this topic has kind of turned into a 2 parter. Following last week’s blog, I ended up having a good conversation with Matt about it during one of our sessions. Needless to say that after the comprehensive list I gave on the subject, Matt was able to point out one glaringly obvious point that […]

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stay motivated

Craving Results: How to stay motivated

Public service announcement – this will not be a normal blog… It is also not a how to guide. I’m asking a genuine question (partially for myself to reflect on) – How can you stay motivated when you’re really not feeling it? The nights are really drawing in now. It’s cold, it’s dark and I […]

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Craving Results: Big Girl Press Ups

Hey, So I’m a day late with this blog (busy day painting yesterday) but I had a good week last week…. Sound the alarms… New work out alert! Matt came through and managed to write a new plan for our sessions because frankly, the old one got pretty stale. Last week I managed 3 sessions […]

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Craving Results: Cornwall & Chilli

Hello, it’s me (in case you forgot who me is!). Well, where to start after a 2 week break?! I hope you didn’t miss me too much, but this blog will be jam packed with all the naughty things that I got up to! I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks of up and downs with my […]

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