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Craving Results: Pregnant Pause

Me again! This blog is going to be a long one… To sum up my week: I’m back in the game – I went to the gym 4 times, 2 sessions with Matt and 2 cardio sessions (25mins cycling and 30 mins cross trainer, with some good mornings, push press and leg extensions thrown in […]

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Standing Alone On The Dancefloor

Confession time, I have a guilty musical pleasure and it’s “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn. It’s a good song and I can’t say that I can relate much to wearing stilettos, but it does take me back to being 18-23. Going out every Friday and Saturday to some shit club in Watford and standing on my […]

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Craving Results. Forgive me for I have sinned…..

This blog is a day late, because I’ve had a really busy week…which means there are a lot of confessions to be declared. After a shining last week, I have toppled down and fallen off the wagon (slightly). I went to the gym twice in the week – both cardio sessions – I decided to […]

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Craving Results: Steak Week

Hello! Last week’s blog seemed to be pretty well received, so I thought I’d write again. (By well received, I mean no-one outright told me it was rubbish and I was ask several times whether my current activity – be it sitting, breathing or eating something – was going in the blog 😛 ) In […]

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How to tell if your Fitness Expert is talking shit

I don’t know what it is about facebook, but whilst it is responsible for the greatest sharing of knowledge ever, it is also responsible for the rise and rise of Charlatans and Gurus who are either oblivious to their failings or just don’t give a shit. So I’ve compiled a list of ten signs that […]

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Craving Results (can you have your cake and eat it?)

One of my clients will be writing a weekly blog called “Craving Results” for me (whilst I sit around talking about beer). Unlike most guest-blogs on websites, this will be REAL. In other words there will be ups and downs, fat losses and gains, weeks where we absolutely smash it and weeks where we take a […]

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7 complete and utter bastards in every gym

I spend a lot of time persuading people to take that first step into the gym. But every now and then I do notice that some gym goers … Are complete arseholes! And today I thought I’d name 7 of them! Seven of the biggest bastards that every gym has to deal with. Gym Bastards. 1) Weight Throwers – People […]

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What Fitness Models Won’t Tell You

Thanks to instagram and facebook there are more fitness models than ever, or should I say “Fitness Models” in big fucking air quotes. Because most of them are just random people calling themselves that. I cooked a cheese toastie once, doesn’t make me a chef does it? Anyway we’ll stick to actually “This is how […]

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What The Pub Can Teach You About Fat Loss

I love going to the pub, absolutely love it. Hanging out with my friends, having a laugh, getting drunk. It ticks a lot of boxes! Of course, the downside of the pub is that it costs a lot. And if you arrive earlier than any of your mates it can be a bit depressing. Because you don’t know anyone […]

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Phone use in the gym

When I started out as a trainer, my pet peeve was people answering their phone in the gym. And in some ways it still is. Nothing more annoying than waiting for someone to get off your equipment when they’re busy talking on the phone*. But, I have since changed my mind. There are a lot of trainers and gym-goers out there […]

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