Craving Results (can you have your cake and eat it?)

One of my clients will be writing a weekly blog called “Craving Results” for me (whilst I sit around talking about beer). Unlike most guest-blogs on websites, this will be REAL. In other words there will be ups and downs, fat losses and gains, weeks where we absolutely smash it and weeks where we take a step back due to real life getting in the way. This isn’t a testimonial, it’s what coaching really looks like and I can’t think of a better person to take you on this journey then Sammy – Matt


The prologue blog:

“Do I have to?” I complain, frowning at the bar.

Matt pauses to smile before simply responding “yes – you’ve still got 2 more sets”….and so I proceed to blast out 10 deadlifts, followed by 10 press ups (or girly press ups as I call them, as opposed to the grown up ones!)

All of the sessions that I have with Matt will invariably contain the following phrases:

“Do I have to?”

“I’m hungry – I can’t wait for dinner!” (A good proportion of my time is thinking about food – as you will get to know!)

“Pub?!” (Whilst Matt has always agreed that the pub sounds like an amazing idea, perhaps another 2 sets of deadlifts are a better idea…)


The idea for this blog is to give an honest, no holds barred account of my food and fitness life style. I have decided to do this predominantly because I weigh the most that I ever have (truth the first, kind of scary to say out loud!) A massively stressful, unrelenting year, plus a tiny break from a 2 year diet plan has somehow resulted in my waist line growing a full 10cm from its lowest in October (second truth..ahh!) So as a way to motivate myself, I have decided to document my progress over the coming weeks with a blog of my progress, and because I love reading their articles, in true Buzz Feed style, I have given myself a set of rules to go by. Every week I will:

  1. Document my hip and waist measurements
  2. Document my total step count (in a bid to increase it – every little helps, but I’d be happy with an average of 10,000/day)
  3. Make note of every training session that I undertake (be it solo or with Matt)
  4. Attempt a new recipe, which depending on the successfulness of, I will share complete with macros
  5. Be completely honest about any time I feel I have done something that I wouldn’t have done in October (the height of my training mentality)…in other words, when I feel I have been ‘naughty’

I will send each account to Matt Smith (personal trainer extraordinaire) for him to use as way of monitoring my progress, as well as to promote his own skills as a trainer (because he is really very good…see Matt I am nice…please, no more deadlifts). The blogs will vary depending on how I feel at the time of writing.

So a summary of this week (so as to not break the 5 rules before I’ve even started):

  1. Hip: 102cm, Waist: 104cm
  2. Step count: 63,163 (notably the 16,679 I did yesterday!)
  3. 3 sessions in total: 1 x 25 minute on cross trainer (fast pace 1min, moderate pace 2 min programme) and 2 x sessions with Matt
  4. No new recipe as of yet as I have just made this rule up…but will be sure to come up with something yummy for next week!
  5. Ok, so I did have 2 slices of homemade Guinness cake on Tuesday and Wednesday at work, a few chips on Friday (all of which went in the food diary). Oh, and the mustard cheese, chutney and crackers I had just before writing this…that aside, I’ve mostly been good in the knowledge that I was going to write this.


Well, that’s all for this week…I look forward to embarrassing myself in the coming weeks!!




P.S. Stay tuned  for more “Craving Results” Blogs in the future

About the Author Matt Smith

Matt Smith is the owner of Beer N Biceps. He has a degree in Sports Science, 10 years of experience working in the fitness industry, and has written for hundreds of fitness websites. He is a lover of good quality beer and believes that drinking in moderation can form part of a healthy lifestyle.

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