Craving Results: Procrastination

Note from Matt: In the spirit of this article I have managed to procrastinate SO HARD that Sam’s blog post that was submitted to me on 20th December hasn’t been put up until today 2nd January. So a lot of her references are pre-Christmas ones (Damn you procrastination!)

Hello – I’m back!

So, I’ve had a pretty intense month work wise and personally, meaning I’ve really neglected this blog (the main reason being an essay that was due in last week with disastrous word count dilemmas – I’m sure we’ve all been there!)

Despite this, it has taken me a whole week to build up to writing this blog. Interestingly, I always open the first and last blog that I have written to see where I’ve started and where I’m up to and I can see the last one was all about keeping motivated. Despite what it seems, I haven’t lacked motivation to exercise etc. I’ve just had to back burner it for a while. In the last week however, I have toyed with what to write in this blog and had almost convinced myself that it would be better to start afresh in the New Year…i.e.





Christmas Procrastination

I realised that this was classic procrastination – putting off something because future me has got it covered! (I really screw that girl over sometimes!) I also realised that this is why most New Year resolutions fail – too much pressure that looks all shiny and good in the warm fuzziness of Christmas (i.e. when I feel full of food babies on Boxing Day, the idea of not eating anything else seems perfectly reasonable). But come the 2nd January – because we’re all too hungover on the 1stto really count it! – I realise that I still like food and detest leaving the safety of my blanket to venture out in to the cold, cold world. New Year’s sucks! It’s miserable, no one has any money and the idea to detox, cleanse and become a better version of you is shoved in your face at every given opportunity. FYI I think you’re great as you are!


I realise this is a bit of a tangent, but my point is, why put off the inevitable. Don’t get me wrong, I will not be starving myself over Christmas, however it is merely a few days in the year – I will still go to my session with Matt next week and I won’t write off the rest of December because January is a better time to start afresh – believe me it’s not!

Rant over – my last month has been mediocre when it comes to fitness. I haven’t gone crazy with my diet – though there were a few Christmas parties to enjoy – and have managed the gym between 2-3 times per week. I all but gave up on monitoring my step count, though I left the count on my phone, just didn’t take any notice of it – my overall last week was – 61,781 – which is better than I expected. I have barely cooked anything in the past week as the house was riddled with illness and cooking for one seemed pointless, so no new recipes, but I promise a tasty sounding one next week which I plan to cook Christmas Eve. My measurements (which are the first for a month) are:

Hips – 98cm

Waist – 98.5cm

So hips up and waist down…I’m happy with that, I can definitely feel a difference with my trousers, just need to keep going with it!

Overall, my mid-December resolutions (which is totally not a thing I just made up!) are:

  • To be more consistent at completing my food diary
  • Aim for 3 sessions a week at the gym
  • Try to enjoy the festive period!


Merry Christmas everyone!


Just a little Wham! to get you in the mood…J

Matt – So now you understand what I meant by my own personal procrastination affecting this article – Hopefully you still enjoy the Wham song! Christmas is only 357 days away

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