Craving Results: Steak Week


Last week’s blog seemed to be pretty well received, so I thought I’d write again. (By well received, I mean no-one outright told me it was rubbish and I was ask several times whether my current activity – be it sitting, breathing or eating something – was going in the blog 😛 )

In all honesty, I’ve had a pretty good week, fitness wise compared to recent times. I went to the gym a respectable 4 times and have mostly stuck to completing my food diary (we will come to the mostly part in a minute).

To begin with, I am going to announce that I have actually lost half a kilo! and my hip size is now 101cm, waist: 103.5cm (down 1cm and 0.5cm respectively). I am pretty damn chuffed with this and think it just shows what I can achieve if I actually bother to make an effort with my diet.

I took lunch in 4 out of 5 days (chicken leg with rice) and on the day I didn’t manage to cook anything, I had a chicken breast with a few chips and salad – all added to the food diary (that’s the beauty of using my fitness pal – I can look back over the past week and see what I’ve eaten and make adjustments where needed.)

Incidentally, if anyone really wants to be nosy and look into my eating habits, my profile name is 2sammyboop2

We’ve changed up the workout schedule as well to motivate things. This week I did 2 sessions with Matt – both were superset workouts, which I don’t actually mind doing because they’re quick but you seem to get a lot done!

I also did 2 sessions in my own gym (back on the cross trainer for 20 mins and 30 mins – I like using it because it’s low impact on my back, which is prone to lower back pain).

I did try a new recipe. I was actually quite looking forward to doing something new and so dug out all my cookbooks, only to pick the first thing I saw as it looked mega! It was from a Levy Root recipe book – Caribbean Food Made Easy – and is called Caribbean Lamb Shanks.

I must confess that I made a few adjustments to it to make my life easier (I couldn’t buy lamb shanks, so settled for lamb shoulder and sliced it, a bit like a curry; I also cooked it in my slow cooker for about 8 hours or something).

That aside, it was a really easy recipe to do, it did have a high-ish fat content and was quite sweet due to the sweet potatoes but it tasted pretty good! It definitely tasted better re-heated and could be one to freeze in the future. I’ve linked a page where you can find the recipe below and the macros are as followed:

  • Calories: 575
  • Fat: 29.8
  • Carb: 36.5
  • Protein: 32.2

My overall eating habits have been pretty good this week. The only real exception was yesterday where I went out for a celebration and ate a 3 course dinner.

Wagyu Steak

We went to an argentine steak house and the food was scrumptious! I had a carpaccio starter, a delicious Wagyu Steak and a dessert with a sugar cage thingy that was amazing!! (I’m not even sorry about this!) Other than that, I’ve been very well behaved.

My step count this week could be improved (55,041), but hey, I can’t be perfect!

All in all, this sums up my week. Until next time!


P.S. Here’s that link again

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