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Four Simple Strategies To Improve Your Health

A Guest Post by Jennifer McGregor on four simple strategies for improving your health.

Health has been an ever-present worry throughout our history. But especially in the past century, the pressure to be “healthy” is staggering and overwhelming.

In 2017, the UK spent £197.3 billion on health care, with £41.7 billion coming directly from its citizens.

Clearly, our health is a major concern in the modern world. But it doesn’t have to be a costly or time- consuming concern. There are many strategies you can take to improve your own health, and here we will list four of them.

Making Gentle Changes to Your Diet

Your diet is by far the easiest way for you to take control of your own health. Making drastic diet changes is largely ineffective. There are many smaller actions you can take to improve your health in the long term.

You can prioritise your five-a-day, eating five fruit or vegetables to ensure vitamin intake. While avoiding fruit juices high in sugar.

Additionally, you can cut down on salt, while completely eliminating trans-fats and greasy oil products.

While making radical changes to your diet probably seems impossible, making these small reductions to your intake and incorporating better foodstuffs over time will take little effort and go a long way to improving your health.

Exercise on a Daily Basis

Across the world, over 500 million people are affected by back pain, alongside the damning revelation that almost 30 % of the UK population suffer from joint and bone pain.

While this may seem like an inevitability, incorporating stretches and exercise into your daily routine is a simple and effective way to reduce said pain and improve your general health.

A series of simple unassisted stretches done every day can help joint pain while burning calories. Walking or cycling instead of driving is as effective as it is low-impact, reducing the chances of injury, and aerobic, improving heart health and reducing stomach fat.

These light activities will take almost no time and energy out of your day. For example, walking to work or parking your car further away to increase your step count.

Simple Strategies for Taking Care of Your Skin

Your skin is your largest organ, stretching over the entirety of your body and protecting your other organs. Taking care of it should be an essential part of your health routine. But it is often the area we overlook the most due to its constant exposure to the world.

You should keep a careful balance when considering how much your skin is exposed to the sun. Ensuring that you are receiving the vitamins you need without too much radiation. You also need to consider how skincare products and regimes factor in your health plans.

By running lots of hot water in your bathroom, you can create a humid atmosphere that helps your skin to breathe. Then, you can apply homemade or previously bought skincare products like facemasks, and really enjoy the experience as though you were at a spa!

However, when using homemade skincare products, make sure to be especially careful. If your skin is sensitive, try seeking out hypoallergenic ingredients like honey and perform allergy tests on safer areas on your body.  

Taking Mental Health Into Consideration

Lastly, you might be surprised how often we overlook our mental health when trying to improve our general health. The two are undeniably linked, and there are many simple strategies for you to improve your mental health.

Many tips have already been covered in this list: dietary improvements, increased exercise, etc. But one that you could find incredibly useful is mindfully connecting with other people.

Just by spending time deeply considering how you relate to the people around you, and how you want those relationships to develop. You will see a marked improvement in your mental health.

Regardless of which tactic you select. Make sure you incorporate it into your daily routine so that it becomes a regular part of your life.

Jennifer is passionate about health and wellness topics. She loves sharing and writing about reputable health and medical information to many people. Jennifer wants her writing to help make the world a better, healthier place. She co-created Public Health Library ( for health and wellness references.

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