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Craving Results: Goblet Squats & Pork Chops

Hi There!

I see that you are still reading my weekly blow by blow of all things diet related. This week was a bit of a mixed bag. I went to the gym 3 times – 2 sessions with Matt – the usual super sets, goblet squats etc … And I managed one session on my own; this time I decided to undertake all the exercises I don’t mind (I cannot say enjoy, because nobody enjoys exercising, but ‘don’t mind’ is as close as you can get!). I ended up doing:

  • Goblet Squats (4 sets with 16kg – 10 reps),
  • Bench Press (3 sets at a slight incline with 10kg weight – 10 reps),
  • Bent Over Row (3 sets with 30kg – 8 reps),
  • Romanian Deadlift (2 sets with 30kg – 10 reps),
  • Push Press (3 sets with 17.5kg – 10 reps),
  • Good Mornings (2 sets with 17.5kg – 8 reps)
  • Crunches (a superset of 28 regular, 28 long armed, 28 arms over and 28 pulses) – absolute killer!

Hopefully Matt will approve of my mix of exercises!

I ended up walking a total of 75, 905 steps – a 2 hour walk on the bank holiday to the local canals sorted this out – I swear I didn’t end up eating Domino’s Pizza, though I did get a takeaway chicken shish kebab – grilled chicken, salad and pitta – nothing to feel to guilty about (I did order some hot wings as well because they are awesome!).

 I am still making an effort in the day to move around more, though I really must improve my Sunday steps! I’m really pleased that I have managed to achieve the 70,000 again! Shout out to Thursday where I decided to wear heels for most of the day. Must have done about 9,000 steps at least in heels – this is way more impressive in my opinion!

I’ve had a few busy days which meant I didn’t manage to get to the gym more. I went to the theatre in London on Thursday (to see ‘the play that goes wrong’ – a pretty funny play, but I digress). This meant that Thursday’s calorie’s breached by about 400 – oops! I had a really tasty burger at Byron’s, only to discover afterwards on My Fitness Pal that it was 1,000 calories!!!

I also had a gin and tonic, a glass of wine and a pot of Hagen Daaz ice cream (because that’s what you do at the theatre!!)

Gin, Goblet Squats

It was a big glass, but still only counts as one

Apple Cider Pork Chops

The new meal I tried out this week was a Matt Smith recommendation: Apple Cider Pork Chops – a George Foreman special! Matt suggested using cider vinegar instead because it still tastes good (according to him) so I gave it a go seen as I still had pretty much a bottle of the stuff following last week; I think I would definitely just use proper cider next time to see how the flavour differs. It was a pretty delicious meal, though I gave up trying to grill it in the Foreman as it was taking far too long – ended up frying it! Macros:

  • Calories: 244
  • Protein: 32g
  • Fat: 12g
  • Carbs: 1g (according to Mr Foreman)

It also worked out well for Thursday and Friday lunches. I served with some mash potato and runner beans.

My measurements seem to be keeping on the right track:

  • Hips: 99cm
  • Waist: 101cm

So onwards and upwards on my quest for weight loss. I only got asked twice this week if I was pregnant…..

See you next week! J


P.S. I couldn’t find a link for the pork chops. If you’re interested, you can harass Matt for it! Instead, here’s a link to Babe the Pig (one of my favourite films) whilst you enjoy your tasty, tasty pork:


P.P.S – Matt here, if you’re not sure what any of these exercises are but want to check them out anyway then take a look at my YouTube channel. Here’s my channel which includes a video of goblet squats and many more exercises.

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