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What happened to Colin

When I first met Colin he was 142kg at 5 foot 9 inches. He was powerful as hell, but had a back injury that had stopped him from any form of weight lifting. His cardio was poor, although he played Hockey regularly. And his diet was shocking! Not a vegetable in sight and way too much snacking on unhealthy foods. At first training was tough at first for both of us, I’d never trained someone with a back injury that bad before. And Colin hadn’t lifted weights this heavy in his life, he’d never deadlifted, or performed barbell squats. He used the chest press instead of the bench press, and performing a pull up was impossible.-

Fast forward one year and he was down to 104.5kg

Colin had lost of 37.5kg!


I made him hold a 35kg dumbbell to give him an idea of how much that was. A year ago he’d have struggled to hold the weight but he immediately tried to curl it, which obviously didn’t work but I have to admire his tenacity!

But it wasn’t just on the scales where Colin had changed:

  • He could now Deadlift 160kg
  • Bench Press 110kg
  • And he can squat over 150kg for reps
  • I even saw him manage a pull up

You can see his transformation for yourself


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