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Craving Results: The High Protein Diet

Hey Hey Kids! This week, I will mostly be talking about the benefits of a high protein diet … Ever since I started training with Matt, my diet and more specifically my macro ratio has become more and more important. I have gone from simply logging my calories, to managing them to ensure my diet is a balanced one.

I have personally found ‘dieting’ one of the hardest things to do. With all of the various diets out there and methods for weight loss, it is a mine field to work out what is actually beneficial for you and what is not. I am a definite self-confessed yoyo dieter and have found that really, the only true way to sustainably lose weight is to ensure what I am burning is more than what I am eating. There is a small problem with this and that is simply: I like food. I love food! Like, eating is my favourite hobby. I am also that person that is constantly hungry! Also, there’s not much I won’t eat…put a plate of broccoli in front of me and I’d happily eat it. Put a plate of chips….well I’m not going to say no!

So how did I lose weight last year? By ensuring my macro balance was achieved daily. This is not always an easy task. Matt had worked out what I needed in order to get to my goals and that meant significantly reducing my carb intake and increasing my protein intake. I had never realised before how hard it is to reach a high protein level. I became almost obsessive in studying food wrappers to see what content they offered (particularly foods that claim to be a good source of protein…)

But why was this important? Well, do a quick google search or google scholar (if you want an overview in the research area), or even read many of Matt’s articles and the general consensus seems to be – a high protein diet will make you fill fuller for longer and will reduce your calorie intake (in a very brief nutshell). I’m sure Matt can insert evidence here (Done)

So how can you ensure that you reach your daily quota (mine being about 150g at its peak and currently 120g). Well, last year I was having daily protein shakes – I became known at work for this. To be honest, it was a massive chore – the same sickly flavours every day just were not enjoyable. Now I’m back on the wagon, I rarely have shakes. It can be really difficult to achieve the magic protein number, however I have found ways to hit the target through meals rather than shakes. Here are some of my secrets:

The High Protein Diet

  • For breakfast, I used to have bacon and scrambled egg – this is actually really effective in keeping you full for lunch, I have just got to the stage where I cannot eat at 6am. Instead, I will now have Weetabix protein: per 2 biscuits: 144cal, 7.6g protein, 25g carbs, 0.8g fat – about as good as an egg for protein content. With a bit of milk and a sprinkle of sweetener, this will keep me full until lunch time. Plus, it just tastes like normal Weetabix with some crunchy bits!
  • If I’ve been so busy I forgot about breakfast, I will grab a high protein bar to have for a ‘brunch’. The ones sold at work are called ‘Trek’ and come in coconut or peanut flavours (both delish!) per bar: 203cal, 10.2g protein, 25.7g carb, 6g fat.
  • My recent find is Arla protein yoghurt – I bought these on a whim last week when I needed to bump up my shopping in order to get a delivery. I don’t much care for yoghurt, usually only the really calorific ones. This however is pretty damn good. It’s made from quark (like a soft cheese) and so is really creamy with a fruity flavouring. The best part is per 200g pot: 140cal, 20g protein, 13g carb, 0.4g fat!! I’m sure you could achieve similar results by mixing Natural yoghurt with protein powder, though I’m sure it wouldn’t be as creamy! This is one I would definitely recommend
  • Steak, steak, steak! (Well meat I guess, but good quality stuff). The days I know I’m going to hit my target normally end with a nice hunk of meat. An example would be a tried and tested slow cooker Chilli. I use this recipe by BBC food, but replace the mince with chunks of stewing steak and some lean bacon lardons. Leave it in the slow cooker for 6-8 hours and the meat is super tender and tasty and per portion: 398cal, 54.6g protein, 18.3g carb, 12.8g fat. I would highly recommend this recipe!

My Exercise for the Week

Talking of food, I have tried another new recipe this week…it was another Matt recommendation: Jamaican Pork Chops (from the Levi Roots recipe). No changes to how this was done, I actually followed the recipe and it was damn good! (perfect for a high protein diet) Per portion: 398cal, 24.2g protein, 26.2g carbs, 21.1g fat. I served with some tilda packet rice.

This week I went to the gym 4 times – 2 superset sessions with Matt and 2 cardio. Both sessions on the cross trainer. My sciatic pain was playing up and I needed something low impact! My step count was not as good as previous weeks, though in my defence, I was in training sessions all week and I couldn’t exactly get up and walk around…my overall total for the week is: 67,620 – this is not as bad as I thought it was going to be!)

I have had a few naughty things this week. Pizza on Thursday night, a slice of homemade Victoria sandwich (which was made by a colleague and therefore it would have been rude not to!). Chips on Friday at lunch and I made a low sugar banana bread. Which was okay and one for another blog! All of these went in the food diary. My measurements this week: hips: 98cm, waist: 102cm.

Hope you enjoy the double bubble bonus recipes this week.


P.S. – Matt here. It’s great to see how Sammy has managed to follow a high protein diet so effectively. Considering she did this by avoiding whey protein shakes. Not because they are bad in any way, but because she doesn’t enjoy the taste. A lot of people seem to be under the impression that you NEED protein shakes to hit your target. But as Sammy has proven that is not the case. 

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Matt Smith is the owner of Beer N Biceps. He has a degree in Sports Science, 10 years of experience working in the fitness industry, and has written for hundreds of fitness websites. He is a lover of good quality beer and believes that drinking in moderation can form part of a healthy lifestyle.

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Fabiola Rodriguez says September 12, 2016

Do you think protein supplements are essential when you’re on a high-proteing diet? I’d love your opinion on this.

    Matt Smith says September 12, 2016

    Depends on what your protein target is, your typical diet, and the time you have available to you. If your diet is naturally high in protein then a supplement is unnecessary, but very few of us have diets that are naturally high

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