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This is not the first time that you've thought about improving your physique.

You've been here before, checked out a couple websites perhaps. Signed up to a gym, spent hours of your life staring into a gym mirror wishing your muscles were bigger.

Wishing that your stomach wasn't so visible under your t-shirt. That your legs weren't so skinny, or your arms so weak.

You know that getting in shape requires work, but you didn't realise it was going to take as long as this!

I get it, I really do. I remember training for weeks on end and never seeing a difference in the mirror. Sure my bench press improved and I could squat more weight but I was still fat!

What I needed,

what everyone needs is a plan.

A checklist of steps that if you follow it completely you will get results that you can actually see!

Todd Davies Age 26 Customer Advisor at Skiptons Building Society

I started training with Matt essentially because I wanted to look better than I did and to improve my diet. I always had terrible lunches and knew that it would catch up on me eventually. Looking at myself I could see the weight adding on, although not too severe. So mainly it was to look and feel better.

During the 12 weeks I was eating right and going to the gym as much as possible. I tried to make it 4 times a week and kicked myself when I missed sessions. Also the food plan that was set out was really useful as it made me realise what I could have for lunch without resorting to just water and bread or starving myself.

Being a complete novice to the gym the first thing I enjoyed was simply being told what to do and how it was helping. My first instinct would be to go on a running machine as I know how to work that but progressing onto weights and other machines was quite good. Training wasn't boring either, there was always something new to try and I really needed to be pushed. Doing 500m rows after each exercise is tough to do on your own but with someone motivating you it's a little easier.

  • 12 week program
  • Went from 33.8% Body Fat to 20%

Colin Jones

  • January 2014 weighed 142kg
  • January 2015 weighed 104.5kg
  • Total lost 37.5kg
  • Deadlift 1rm 160kg
  • Bench Press 1rm 110kg
  • Leg Press 1rm 520kg
  • Barbell Squat 1rm 140kg

Your free strategy call will help you:

  • Establish what it is you actually want so that you are laser focused on your targets
  • Plan out what steps you will need to take over the next 90 days to reach your targets
  • Give you actionable advice so that you can get started immediately
  • Ensure that you do not waste a second in the gym
  • Avoid bad diets, your nutritional plan will be simple and easy to follow

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