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Marathon Man Ashley

Recently I was trying to work out who my longest running client is. And I realised that my client Ashley “Marathon Man” Rubinstein had been training with me for over 3 years. Which is awesome because I’ve only been working in my current gym for 3 and a half years. So he was pretty much there from the beginning. I still have all our workouts written down and it is amazing to see how much he has changed.

And how much my training style has changed. In the last couple years he has been all about running, completing the London Marathon, half marathons, 10k runs, 5k runs etc … And it has presented different challenges for both of us. You see usually my clients train in the gym and nowhere else. So the gym takes precedent over everything else.

But with Ashley we have had to change his program to suit his running, which means certain exercises have had to be dropped. Training programs have had to be altered, and sessions have had to be changed last minute. Which has all been difficult but has definitely made me a better trainer!

Ashley has been amazing for my career because he has forced me to adapt my training style, and he’s had some astonishing results too! Deadlifting twice his bodyweight, squatting 130kg, running the marathon. Eating a high-calorie diet yet still staying leaner than 95% of my other clients! It’s the interesting clients who keep me loving this industry.

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Can You beat Marathon Man Ashley?

  • Deadlift 1rm: 150kg
  • Squat 1rm: 130kg
  • 500m Row time: 1 min 39
  • Plank Time: 4 min 08

Talk soon


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