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Hope you’ve all had a good week. This week I will refrain from complaining quite as much, compared to last week…although I was informed by several people that they agreed with where I was coming from so perhaps I’m not alone in the matter.

So I think I’ve had a pretty damn good week. I had 4 gym sessions (2 super sets with Matt, one 30 minute cycle and one 20 minute cross trainer). I was so determined to achieve my step count this week and I am pleased to say that I walked 71,979 steps!! I’m so please with this and can honestly say that the only way I achieved this is by mindfully changing my habits. Instead of going to the gym on the way home from work in the car, I went home and walked (which gave me about 3000 steps each time). On the day that I was too wiped to go to the gym, I still ensured that I went for a walk to keep my count up.

Friday, I somehow racked up 14,151 steps?! I would say that the only area for improvement would be on the weekend. However I am pleased that I have finally achieved this goal and am going to keep up with the same mentality to ensure I keep reaching it! Hang on; it’s a bank holiday this weekend…that means sitting in my pyjamas watching Hitchcock films and eating Dominos…oh well I tried, better luck next week! 🙂

A Step too far?

In terms of ‘naughtiness’ – I had a slice of leaving cake at work and 2 slices of delicious homemade bread – they went in the diary. I also decided to make a cocktail last night but was severely lacking in mixers, so I read my recipe book until I found one that I could make – it was a Dawa and had 1 lime quartered then chopped in to slices, 1 tsp caster sugar, 1 tbs honey all mixed in a tumbler, adding crushed ice and 50ml vodka…it was delicious actually, considering it was a spur of the moment cocktail! (Just realised that I have given you the recipe for a cocktail…still, it was something new this week – we can’t be good all of the time!)

My measurements:

  • Hips: 99cm
  • Waist: 103cm

This week, I discovered a great way to save time after work – online shopping!

I know I know, this is not a new thing to anyone, but in case you’re like me and resist, as you like to choose your produce based on use by dates, I was reassured to see that the shop I bought from (Tesco) has a guarantee on use by dates. Gave it a go and I was really pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to pay someone else to do your shopping for you. I also got more lamb then I’d asked for, at the lower price, so really this shop paid for itself!! Would highly recommend (it will also make you think about your weekly food plan, as you can’t impulse buy offers as easily – you have to search for what you need – this is a definite plus!!)

This week I cooked another classic Jamie Oliver 15 minute meal: Mustard Lamb. I adapted this recipe to cook for just 2 people. The lamb was delicious and quick to cook, although a little bit fatty. It went really nicely with the mash as well.


  • Calories – 859
  • Protein – 44.5g
  • Fat – 32.9g
  • Carbs – 80.4g

I do have a bit of a confession though (it will be interesting to see if my husband actually reads this :-P). When doing the shop, I couldn’t buy inner celery heart and so did a google search for an alternative – I got a lot of hits for fennel instead and so stupidly went along with this – DON’T!! It was disgusting – I don’t much like liquorice flavour and didn’t really think through this part of the meal. We both thought it was foul and agreed that whilst we’d have the lamb again, we’d serve it with the mash and some green veg. Jamie Oliver was very much the scapegoat in this story of my salad blunder! Hahaha I can’t wait for the phone call from my husband!


P.S. Here’s that recipe link

P.P.S – Hey it’s Matt here. I’ve been loving these blog posts from Sammy and have really noticed a change in attitude during our recent sessions. She’s been training very hard and her step count in particular has massively improved. Check out her first blog (here) to see how far she has come already. A step in the right direction in my opinion

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