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How to be your own Personal Trainer (part three)

As in articles one and two of how to be your own personal trainer, part three will help you to create a program that will help you hit your own personal targets. We will look into macro-nutrient ratios, supplementation, and creating your own motivation.

Your personal macro ratios

Protein – Find your bodyweight in lbs, then multiply it by 0.825 and you will get a rough guide to how many grams of protein you should have per day. There are 4 calories in every gram of protein so multiply by 4 to work out how many calories you should be having.
Fat – This should make up about 25% of your diet, so multiply your total calories by 0.25 and you will have a rough idea of how many calories should be made up of fat. There are 9 calories in every gram of fat so divide this total by 9 to get the amount of grams you should have per day.
Carbs – So you have your total calories, minus the amount of calories already taken by fat and protein and then you will be left with the amount of calories available for carbohydrates. There are 4 calories in every gram of carbs so divide your calorie target by 4 to get your total for grams per day.

If you are struggling to hit your protein targets then you could possibly buy yourself a whey protein shake, other than that there’s creatine which is awesome. Then you might get some multi vitamins or caffeine pills. It’s all down to personal preference!

The reason most people quit the gym is not because it is too hard it is because they lose motivation, a lot of us don’t necessarily enjoy the gym. It isn’t as fun as watching tv or going to the pub, it’s a place where we go to improve ourselves. Staying motivated when training becomes tough is what separates the top 10% of gym goers from the rest, you need to find something that will help. Train with a friend, make it into a competition with co-workers, get somebody to hold you accountable. Anything that can help, because otherwise you might find yourself dropping out!

So why have I given you all this information?
I mean surely this info has made me completely obsolete right? Well maybe to some of you, there will be people who are reading this who will follow it to the letter, never struggle with any of it and end up with amazing results.
But there are others who have looked at this giant wall of info and realised that hiring a coach is a much more efficient way to get in shape. My job is to gather all of this information, and use it to get you in the best shape of your life. My job is to do all of this without confusing you, to have all this information so that you can handle it when needed and learn from it if you so choose.
Sure, you can do this without me. But if you decide that writing out formulas is something that you would rather outsource to some fitness nerd whilst you lift some serious weight in the squat rack then get in touch

Coach Matt

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