When I started out as a trainer, my pet peeve was people answering their phone in the gym. And in some ways it still is. Nothing more annoying than waiting for someone to get off your equipment when they’re busy talking on the phone*. But, I have since changed my mind. There are a lot of trainers and gym-goers out there who claim that checking your phone between sets is the reason you don’t get results. They look down on anyone who spends their rest period checking their emails, and make sarcastic remarks when you check facebook in-between deadlifts. But where is the evidence that supports this attitude?

What study looked at phone use vs physique?

So long as your rest periods are no longer than a minute (for hypertrophy training), or 3 minutes (if you are training for strength) then it doesn’t matter HOW you spend that fucking time. You can spend it on your phone, talk to a friend, work out why that girl in the corner decided that see-through leggings and Romanian Deadlifts were a good combination, or visualise your next set. Any of these options will have the exact same effect on performance …

Which is to say, they will have no effect!

Don’t be a gym-snob!

Talk soon

Matt “See-through” Smith