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What’s your plan for Monday?

I have never met a new client who has told me that they are going to start something on a Friday. Never. Doesn’t matter what it is, diet, exercise regime, study. Whatever. It always starts on a Monday. And to be honest that makes perfect sense to me

The only mistake made is that the client leaves everything until Monday morning.

They don’t sign up to the gym till Monday evening. They don’t make any plans, and as a result Monday runs through to Thursday. And they haven’t made a proper start. And by the time Thursday comes around, they’re already saying that NEXT Monday is when they’re really going to change! But what if you made the changes necessary on the Friday? So that when Monday comes around, you can start immediately.

I am giving you that opportunity right now. You want to get in shape? You want to make the necessary changes so that 12 weeks from today you look fantastic? Then click the following link: Which will take you to my homepage, where you can book in a free strategy call.

During that call we will

  1. Discuss your goals, and fine tune them
  2. Work out what is the best training program to suit you
  3. Find out what your dieting mistakes are, and discuss how to improve them
  4. Map out the next 12 weeks for you

If you really want to make a change TODAY then click that link and book your call today.


P.S. Don’t forget you can fill out a contact form (below) and apply for a free strategy call TODAY.

P.P.S If you want to see what happens when you actually follow through with your plans, check out my article “What happened to Colin” to see an amazing transformation.


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