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Protein: Everything you ever needed to know

I’ve been writing for for over a year now and honestly it’s the best way I’ve found to combine my love of writing with my love of being a massive fitness nerd! The main subject I’ve been writing about recently has been protein. So I thought I would share the links to all 5 articles here:


Six Reasons to eat more

Two part article looking at scientific reasons why increasing your protein intake will help you with weight loss. Check out part one here & part two here. Topics covered include the effect of protein on thermogenesis, the additional amino acids it provides (and why that is important). It’s effect on hunger and satiety, and it’s effect on the immune system. The articles also look into muscle protein synthesis and how high protein diets will benefit from this.


Whey Protein Supplementation

Another two part article, this time looking into the benefits of supplementing your diet with whey protein. Check out part one here & part two here. These articles look at the advantages of supplementing your diet with whey protein shakes. Looking at what they are, and the many benefits they offer such as convenience, calorie control, and as with the other articles muscle protein synthesis, injury recovery, etc … These articles also dismiss the current myth that there is a chance that shakes could be responsible for kidney damage.


Pre-workout Nutrition

This article looks at exactly what you should be eating and drinking to perform optimally, check it out here. Whilst protein is covered, there are many other factors that are also discussed. Fats, and carbohydrates for one. And caffeine, a subject I love to talk about as it has always fascinated me how effective it can be on performance.


So read these articles at your leisure and let me know what you think! If you have any questions you can contact me on the below form, also don’t forget you can join my free facebook group Beer ‘n’ Biceps by clicking on this link  in the group we discuss quality beers, exercise programming, and nutrition. It is also a great way to find out when my new articles come out.


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