I love going to the pub, absolutely love it. Hanging out with my friends, having a laugh, getting drunk. It ticks a lot of boxes! Of course, the downside of the pub is that it costs a lot. And if you arrive earlier than any of your mates it can be a bit depressing. Because you don’t know anyone and end up feeling a bit self conscious. So without friends, the pub can be a bit shit right? Which brings me onto gyms.

Most people dislike going to the gym. Because it’s boring, and not much fun.Which is fair enough, but how can we make that fun?

The three rules for turning your gym into a pub.

1) Bring a friend or two, this is the BEST solution so long as your friends are committed
2) Become a regular, like in the pub the regulars go on their own and make friends there gradually
3) Don’t cut yourself off from the gym by having your headphones plugged in all the time

I’m not saying that all of a sudden you will fall in love with squats and deadlifts. But being part of a community is much more fun than being completely on your own! And obviously the best way to enjoy the gym is to know that you are getting amazing results. So don’t forget to book a free strategy call with me today!