6 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating More Protein

A while back, I wrote a 2-part article series on 6 reasons why you should be eating everyone’s favourite macronutrient and thought that a quick summary would be useful to my beloved readers (all 2 of you). If you have the time you can check both articles out here and here. Otherwise the following (incredibly brief) list should be more than sufficient to tide you over and inspire you to order an extra steak with dinner*

So 6 reasons why you should be eating more protein if you want to lose fat

  1. It helps promote loss of body fat
  2. It will improve thermogenesis (think boosting your metabolism)
  3. It provides essential amino acids that the body cannot produce
  4. It provides satiety (keeps you feeling fuller for longer)
  5. It will improve immune function (can help prevent you from getting sick – which can happen if you over-train)
  6. It will increase muscle protein synthesis (essentially it will help you build bigger muscles, which will increase your metabolism)

Basically, EAT MORE!

Just make sure that your overall calories don’t increase, think replacing some carbs and fats with more protein, rather than just adding more protein to your diet. Although saying that, a recent journal article found that massively increasing your calories (+800) per day solely through protein did not lead to fat gains.

“The current investigation found no changes in body weight, fat mass, or fat free mass in the high protein diet group. This occurred in spite of the fact that they consumed over 800 calories more per day for eight weeks. The high protein group consumed an extra 145 grams of protein daily (mean intake of 307 grams per day or 4.4 g/kg/d).” [1]

Oh and exercise more, or it’s all pointless

Hope that helps


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[1] Antonio, J., Peacock, C., Ellerbroek, A., Fromhoff, B., Silver, T. 2014. The effects of consuming a high protein diet (4.4g/kg/d) on body composition in resistance-trained individuals. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 11:19

*Please note that ordering an extra steak at dinner is a great way to end up paying £70 per person at a fancy restaurant! Also, remember to account for the meat sweats,

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