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Rugby is objectively the best sport for you

Don’t worry I’m not talking about playing, in my opinion you were either born to play or not. I most certainly was not, which is a shame because I love watching it. But I’ve given it 3 goes so far and every time I’ve ended up with a knee in the jaw. After another missed tackle. But rugby is a brilliant sport for a completely different reason, it really is a game for people of different shapes and sizes.

Even at the elite level of Rugby you have players who are 5 foot 6 and tiny.


And players who are 6 foot 6 and covered in muscle. Or players who would be called fat in any other walk of life! Traditionally you have the forwards who are bigger, taller, and stronger and the backs who are smaller, quicker, more agile and this suits their roles in the team [1].

And instead of trying to change how they are built. They use their natural body shape to their advantage. If you are 130kg and powerfully built, you could train to be 6% body fat. But it would be much more fun to aim for big muscles. You were built to lift heavy things and look like an absolute beast.

So train for that. You might not reach the super low body fat levels of a fitness model. But you can still get lean, and with huge fucking muscles to go with it! I guess my point is that training to lose weight is a perfectly reasonable goal. But training to be the best that you can be, whilst appreciating that you are a naturally lean/bulky person. Will leave you happier  and more motivated.

Talk soon

Matt “forever bulking” Smith

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[1] Smart, D. 2011. Physical Profiling of Rugby Union Players: Implications for talent development. PhD Thesis. Auckland University of technology

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