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What Star Wars Can Teach You About Losing Fat

Yes I said it Star Wars and fat-loss have a connection. Maybe I should elaborate! I remember first watching Star Wars at the age of 5 or 6. My dad had borrowed a VHS from Blockbuster (that whole sentence will make no sense to a current 13 year old). And even at an age where my attention span for movies was shocking, I can honestly say I was hooked within the first 5 minutes. Ever since, that first Star Wars film was my favourite. It was the perfect story.

Cinema aficionados will talk about it’s use of the Heroes Journey, and the parallels with the 1958 Japanese film “The Hidden Fortress” (Oh god I’m such a fucking nerd). But really Star Wars worked because it had Space battles, lightsabers, and droids. Then the ‘new’ Star Wars films came out, and were universally hated (not by me – I was 11 at the time, which is probably the right age to appreciate Jar-Jar Binks). They were completely different in tone, and felt like impostors. They tried to get too technical, too funny, essentially the creators over-thought it. A few months ago, the newest Star Wars film came out and within 5 minutes I was hooked all over again.

Star Wars went Back to Basics

This was Star Wars as I remembered it, and without even knowing why, I KNEW that this was going to make all the money in the world. It had gone back to basics – and it worked. “So what the hell has this got to do with fat-loss?” I hear you moaning. Here it is, Fat loss is the simplest process in the world. Eat less, train more. But people try to over-complicate matters, and forget that if you don’t make your program FUN (and include loads of Lightsabers obviously), you’ll end up chucking it in.

star wars

Don’t forget to eat more eggs – they’re stormtrooper approved

So let’s take a leaf out of Star Wars’ book and get back to basics. Eliminate some snacking from your diet, attend the gym more, lose some weight. Don’t overthink it. Don’t get hung up on what program is the best for you (if you’re struggling then send me a message) just get in the gym and exercise. Start walking more often, chuck out all the junk food in your cupboards, replace your daily Coke with Diet Coke. Just pick one or two of these from the list and you will lose weight.

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Matt “Star Wars Nerd” Smith

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