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Craving Results: Successful Dieting

Hello! My my, what a week I’ve had. A real up and downer (with some successful dieting to talk about in a bit).

To jump straight in. I’ve royally sucked at my gym sessions and only managed 2 with Matt (the usual super sets). I’ve had a pretty busy week work wise and have just not managed to get to the gym afterwards. My step count has also taken a bit of a hit; without even adding up, I know I haven’t made the 10,000/day target. That said, it is difficult to know exactly what it is, because I left it on my desk on Wednesday for some of the day and in my bag all of Friday.

I know I made at least 10,000 on Friday because I was running around all day and still had 6,000 on the clock on top of that. But I will cap it to 10,000 as a conservative guesstimate. My overall total was 60,873….next week’s will definitely be better and I will absolutely make more of an effort exercise wise.

Successful Dieting

This aside, I feel that my diet week has gone pretty well. I’m not going to lie, last week the minute I clicked send on the protein blog (with me sounding all positive about my eating habits) I proceeded to have a long conversation with Matt over my diet. Particularly on how I don’t feel I’m making as much progress as I could. It was actually a bit of a low point, as I was looking back to the first blog just over a month before and couldn’t see that I’d made much progress.

As a result, we have agreed to change my calories. So that I have flexibility to be reserved in the week and have the option to enjoy myself on the weekend a bit more without going overboard. The plan is to reduce my calories Monday to Friday by 50 each day and increase Saturday and Sunday’s by 125. For example, if the usual balance is 1600 calories, have 1550 Monday to Friday and 1725 on Saturday and Sunday). I haven’t yet tried a whole week of this. But it feels like a good way to shake up my habits.

All this said, I now look back at the first blog to now and realise, it’s not actually been that long since I began this. I knew there would be ups and downs – as is life – and overall I feel okay now with where I am. My measurements by the way were waist 101cm, hips 97.5cm.

New Recipe for you to try

This week’s new recipe came from ‘The Hairy Dieters’ cook book. A ground breaking diet book from the national treasures Si King and Dave Myer (this is what is printed on the back of the book – made me smile!). I made a Rich beef and Ale Casserole. Again I whacked all of the ingredients in the slow cooker and left on low for 9 hours. I actually used a Leffe Brune to make it into a sort of Flemish Stew and it was pretty nice. It would be a good one for a cold winter night! I think you’re supposed to serve it with mash potato but I really couldn’t be bothered to peel / boil them. So I ended up eating it on its own with a bit of horseradish. Macros: Calories – 369, protein – 38.5g, carbs – 27.2g, fat – 8.6g.

The only real ‘naughty’ things that I’ve done this week was a glass of wine on Tuesday that pushed me slightly over my calories (but was for a very good cause). Also, the meal I had out on Friday night. It wasn’t actually that bad of a meal as it was a Greek meze meal which mainly consisted of grilled meat and salad. Plus all I’d had that day prior was 2 Weetabix with a dribble of milk as I ran out (this made the Weetabix stick in my mouth like glue – not pleasant!) and a mouthful of chicken, as I’d been too busy running around at work to remember lunch (N.B. I don’t suggest that you try this!) I did have a hot chocolate soufflé dessert with this, but didn’t have any alcohol so on balance it was a decent meal.

Well I think that’s all from me this week. Look forward to a better week of exercising!



Here’s a recipe to help with your successful dieting lifestyle:

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