Everyone is taking some form of supplements; Whey protein, Creatine, Fat-burners, Herbalife [shakes head]. I believe that this is mostly due to the fantastic marketing of supplement companies. They make it sound like drinking a protein shake will immediately add muscle, but that’s sadly not how it works. You need to work those muscles first, you need to be eating right too (proper food) and sleeping loads (8-9 hours should be your target if you are training regularly). You need to have established what you are training/dieting for:

Muscle gain?

Because it is damn near impossible to train for both (unless you’re a complete beginner, in which case it is possible). You need to be consistent with your diet, your exercise AND your supplement intake.

Some supplements that do work.

Don’t get me wrong Whey protein works, so does Creatine, and Caffeine. But remember that 95% of getting in shape is Diet/Exercise/Sleep/Consistency, and only 5% is supplementation. If you are constantly looking for that magic bullet that will solve all of your body composition needs you are going to be disappointed. Luckily you’ve got one advantage over most gym-goers, you’ve got me! I can teach you what to eat and what not to eat, how best to structure your workout, and what exercises to add/avoid.

This is where having a coach really is a magic bullet of sorts, I can’t physically do the exercise for you, but I can make sure that you are doing it, and keep you motivated enough to enjoy it. I can stop you from doubting yourself, and keep the bigger picture in your head when you are having a tough time in the gym. I will teach you how to be stronger and celebrate your successes as if they were my own. Tell me a fucking protein shake that can do that!

Talk soon

Matt “5%” Smith

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