Terminator 1 Can Teach You About Fat Loss

Quick give me the story line to Terminator 1.

Okay I’ll give it to you. The Terminator comes back in time, identifies a target, pursues it relentlessly. Ultimately fails. Yeah my movie reviewing business was not up to much! But hopefully you can see where I’m going with this. The terminator didn’t decide he was going to catch Sarah Connor And kill 12 other people. He had ONE target and he stuck to it. So when you decide that you want to make a change, instead of deciding that you are going to:

1) Lose fat
2) Build Muscle
3) Complete a marathon
4) Improve your diet
5) Deadlift 150kg

You should look at the long term plan. Yeah you want to eventually achieve (terminate) all 5 targets (waitresses). But not all at once. Pick one and set up a system that will work for that. Then move onto another when you think you can handle it. Then you can kill Sarah Conner.

The Terminator Guide to getting shit done

  1. Identify a target
  2. Complete target
  3. Don’t get distracted

Simple, clear, and achievable. It is this approach that gets people amazing results, when I decided to write this blog I didn’t write this, try to compose a chart topping song

Talk Soon

Matt ‘Hasta La Vista’ Smith

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