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Craving Results: I’ve got this writer’s block

Happy New Year…(are we still saying this? – I’ll go with it!) I know there’s been a radio silence on this blog again for the best part of a month (though the last one was posted quite late after I wrote it, so I suppose it seems longer to me than it did to you). The main reason for this is really a mental or writer’s block on my part. I had the words in my head, but couldn’t summon them to paper to form coherent sentences. So bear with me…

Writer’s Block & Christmas

I had a very festive Christmas and New Year meaning lots of indulgence. But my diet has really been back on track since January. I’ve managed to complete a food diary pretty much every day (bar this weekend…) and have managed 3 sessions in the gym a week. So whilst I’ve stumbled a bit with this blog, I have managed to slot back into my good habits a bit more easily.

My New Year’s resolution (which I know I said was stupid in December but hey, wouldn’t be a New Year if you didn’t make one!) was to make sure that I take lunch with me to work every day. I was spending an average of £20-25 per week buying food that isn’t particularly good for me. So far, I’ve managed to stick to this, bar 1 day – where I didn’t have anything to actually cook! My favourite new lunch by far is a ‘Tasty’ meal I found on Facebook. It’s an awesome mix of chicken breast, veggies and rice. Very filling and easy to do. I’ve even found a You Tube clip for you:

I didn’t bother with the salsa or the cheese, but it still works. I seasoned my chicken with a Cajun mix (1 tsp hot chilli powder, 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp basil and 1 tsp paprika).

Calories (for 1 chicken breast):

  • Calories – 578
  • Protein – 51g
  • Carbs – 74g
  • Fat – 8g

My FitBit

So for Christmas, I got a FitBit and I’m in love with it. It’s a really addictive way to keep check on my step count. I’m sure I’ll spend a few blogs raving about it, but one thing I really noticed is how still I can be during the day. The watch has an alert set which vibrates if I haven’t done at least 250 steps in that hour – seems easy, but if you have a computer based job, can sometimes be difficult to achieve! Without losing my job, I have really made a conscious effort to move about to ‘achieve that hour’.

You are also put on a leader board with friends to see who can step the most in the week. It was close last week, but what with the 25,000 step I did on Sunday with a marathon walk down the canal, I managed an overall 79,913 steps, which made me number 1….I can see this becoming very competitive.


Well, I’ve soldiered through this. Hope you have too!



P.S – Matt here, as Sammy has pointed out there was a bit of a gap between posts on her end due to writer’s block but also due to the fact that over Xmas I did absolutely nothing with my website. Criminal on my part! But I have vowed to improve this year. Last year my goal was to write an email a day to my list (done) and this year I will attempt to create 2 articles per week on my blog.

P.P.S – Check out my most popular article to date (1.7k shares on stumble upon). It’s on dieting like a boxer https://nutritiontribune.com/diet-like-boxer/ and I’m pretty pleased with it

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