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Todd's 12 week Transformation

Todd Davies Age 26

I started training with Matt essentially because I wanted to look better than I did and to improve my diet. I always had terrible lunches and knew that it would catch up on me eventually. Looking at myself I could see the weight adding on, although not too severe. So mainly it was to look and feel better

During the 12 weeks I was eating right and going to the gym as much as possible. I tried to make it 4 times a week and kicked myself when I missed sessions. Also the food plan that was set out was really useful as it made me realise what I could have for lunch without resorting to just water and bread or starving myself

Being a complete novice to the gym the first thing I enjoyed was simply being told what to do and how it was helping. My first instinct would be to go on a running machine as I know how to work that but progressing onto weights and other machines was quite good. Training wasn't boring either, there was always something new to try and I really needed to be pushed.