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can beer be good for you

About Beer N Biceps

Beer N Biceps is a website and podcast based around fitness, nutrition, and beer. It aims to provide well-researched answers to any of your questions about training, diet, or what beer to drink. The goal is to help you follow a healthy lifestyle while still allowing yourself the occasional beer (or five). Keep reading to learn all about Beer N Biceps’ story.

“Nutrition & Training for Real Men who want a Beer, not a lecture”

The Beer N Biceps Story

Beer n Biceps was founded by Matt Smith in 2011 under the imaginative name of personaltrainingbymatt.com. For six years it plodded along pretty much unnoticed. Then in June 2017, after a drunken night at the Duck in the Pond pub (Harrow), the Beer n Biceps podcast was born.

Matt was joined by Todd Davies, and together they managed 21 podcasts on beer, fitness, and nutrition. After that, Matt moved to Nottingham while Todd remained in Watford. Meaning that shared podcasts were unlikely. The podcast still runs to this day, with Todd popping in for the occasional guest episode.

tring brewery, beer n biceps, beernbiceps, tring, beer, looking back

Matt (L), Todd (R), and a wonderful employee of Tring Brewery in the background

The Beer N Biceps blog focuses on beer, fitness, and nutrition. Matt uses his expertise in fitness and nutrition to discuss how to build muscle, burn fat, and lead a healthy life.

He also discusses how to drink beer in a sensible and healthy way. Promoting a different approach to beer drinking, focusing on quality rather than quantity. Expanding your tastes, and pairing beer with food (or pouring beer directly into food).

Beer N Biceps spends a lot of time exploring the beer-drinking cultures of different countries. Checking out the history of beer, and looking to the future. Beer is one of the first inventions of mankind, and it has played a role in building civilizations, starting wars, and starting families for thousands of years.

Think about that the next time you’re served a flat pint of Carling by a surly landlord!

The Future of Beer N Biceps

As you can probably guess when the website was first created the main focus was personal training. Matt was a personal trainer for 7 years, working in gyms across London.

With a degree in Sports Science, a Precision Nutrition qualification, and REPS Lvl 3, the aim of Beer N Biceps is to get back into coaching. Helping men to gain confidence in their bodies, and build physiques they can be proud of.

The other goal is to take over the world, but that’s a little less likely. At least at the moment …