mistakes I made as a personal trainer

The Top Seven Mistakes I made as a Personal Trainer

In this podcast, I talk about the seven mistakes I made as a personal trainer. This was not the most enjoyable thing for me to do! But it led to a pretty damn good podcast (in my opinion). Much better than if I’d named my seven greatest successes or my best features.

The Top Seven Mistakes I made as a Personal Trainer

Analysing my mistakes as a trainer helped me improve, and now that I’ve got some perspective on my time as a PT, it’s really helping me to plan for the future. I’m not going to list the mistakes here, you can hear them on the podcast. But there is a common theme for most of them, which is:

  • Treating my clients like athletes
  • Not having enough confidence in myself

The second one is a bit of an odd one because in many ways I had too much confidence in myself! When you are a trainer, you have to act like the best trainer in the world, and in some ways, you start to believe your own hype.

But when dealing with my clients, I erred on the side of safety too often. Particularly when it came to diet. I’ve learned from that now, and as I say in the podcast. Caring about your clients so much that you end up being overly-cautious, is not the worst trait to have as a trainer.

Shelby 5% IPA by Thornbridge Brewery

What a lovely surprise this beer was. In two different ways. My Mrs came back from the Co-op with a gift box of two bottles of Shelby and a beer mug, all for £5. While I’m fairly indifferent to the Peaky Blinders tv show (have only watched one episode to be fair), the mug is fantastic.

The beer was gorgeous too. I guessed that it was an English IPA rather than an American IPA, and this seems to be the case. The main hop used is Fuggles which is an English hop variety, and there is a distinct lack of American hops. It also uses a combination of English and German malts.

It’s an excellent English IPA, and I am definitely looking forward to drinking the other one as soon as I finish writing this! Check out my article on English beers to see some similar varieties.

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