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Lose weight while drinking beer

Can You Lose Weight While Drinking Beer?

One of the questions I get asked the most is how I can talk about/drink beer while trying to teach people about weight loss. Another question I get asked a lot is “Can you lose weight while drinking beer?”. I thought it would be a good idea to address this subject in an article. It […]

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Beer in Japan

Beer in Japan: Everything You Need to Know

Beer in Japan is consistently high quality, with some of the best breweries in Asia and an amazing craft beer scene. I’ve always been impressed with Japanese beer and thought that an article answering the question “what beer do they drink in Japan” would be very interesting. Kirin Ichiban, Asahi Super Dry, Sapporo, Suntory, and […]

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Beer in Cyprus

Beer in Cyprus: Everything You Need to Know

Cyprus is one of my favourite places, a country that is literally split between two cultures. It is known for its amazing food and glorious weather, but what is its beer culture like? Beer in Cyprus is more varied than in most Turkish or Greek islands. But what do they drink in Cyprus? Keo is […]

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Beer in Turkey

Beer in Turkey: Everything You Need to Know

Beer in Turkey can be summed up with one name … Efes. This is the beer that everyone thinks of when they think of Turkey. But is there more to the Turkish beer scene than meets the eye? Efes Pilsen is the most common beer in Turkey and dominates the market. But it is by […]

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Beer in Portugal

Beer in Portugal: Everything You Need to Know

My entire knowledge of Portuguese beer comes from frequent trips to Nandos. In fact, the first beer I ever bought (underage) was in the Nandos on Edgware High Street. But if my articles on Polish and Mexican beer have taught me anything, there is a lot more to beer in Portugal than just that. The […]

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Beer in Mexico

Beer in Mexico: Everything You Need to Know

Mexican beer has taken a bit of a beating over the last few months, around about the time that the coronavirus became a pandemic. I wonder what the connection is? But beer in Mexico is so much more than Corona. I wanted to find out what beer they drink in Mexico, and what Mexican beer […]

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Beer in Poland

Beer in Poland: Everything You Need to Know

For years, Polish beer has been overlooked and underrated. In the UK, when you think of Polish beer all you think about is a cheap lager in cans from Off Licences. But beer in Poland is so much more than that. In the last few years, Polish beer has begun to build momentum. Beer is […]

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Yellow Belly Saga

The Yellow Belly Saga: Four breweries and one beer

What’s in a name? Shakespeare famously stated that “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but as Bart Simpson pointed out “Not if you called ’em Stenchblossoms”. With thousands of new beers coming out every year, the ability to give each beer a unique name becomes less and less possible. This issue […]

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Plyometrics You’re (probably) using it wrong

Plyometrics was first used by Soviet athletes in the 1980s. The term was coined by Fred Wilt, an American long-distance runner who had seen the athletes performing jumps and hops during their warm-ups. For the next 20 years, plyometrics was used by athletes to improve their explosive power, agility, and muscular strength. Around the early […]

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can beer be good for you

Can Beer Be Good For You? Unravelling the Science

It feels like every week there is a new article extolling the virtues of drinking beer. “A pint a day keeps the doctor away” screams out from a newspaper headline. But how accurate are these claims? Can beer be good for you? Let’s find out. There is strong evidence that the occasional beer can contribute […]

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