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fat loss supplements

Fat Loss Supplements: Time for a Rethink?

Sometimes I feel like the fitness industry is fucking insane. Many experts in the field talk about following the science, and they preach that small changes over time can lead to big results in the long term. So why on earth is the fitness industry so against fat loss supplements? Take this Facebook post by […]

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Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt is a Waste of Money: Here’s Why

We live in an age where every single nutritional fact we could ever ask for is just a couple of seconds Googling away, or at least that what should happen. Sadly, for every accurate piece of information there are five pieces of misinformation. Most of the time this is down to a lack of knowledge, […]

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Meal replacement shakes

Time to reconsider our opinion on meal replacement shakes?

I’ve had a bit of a journey with meal replacement shakes in the past. When I started out I was offered the chance to sell them. They were marketed to me as a great way to get results for your clients. Not knowing any better I trialled it. I gave Herbalife a go and didn’t […]

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benefit of decaffeinated coffee, beer n biceps

The Surprising Benefit of Decaffeinated Coffee

As you can see I’ve tried something new! It’s a piktochart discussing the surprising benefit of decaffeinated coffee. It refers to a study that was published in 2012 in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition by Greenberg & Geliebter [1]. According to the study, decaffeinated coffee may be able to help people to […]

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No I won’t be buying your Herbalife products

So I have a LinkedIn account and until last year I kind of did nothing with it. But since January 2016 I’ve been more or less active. Adding connections, posting articles, generally keeping myself occupied. But with added connections comes the constant barrage of Herbalife MLMs (Multi-Level-Marketers), if you don’t know who these people are … […]

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posh food

Posh food could be making you fat

There definitely seems to be a lot of people that believe that because a food is exotic it is healthy. BIG MISTAKE! In my experience posh food can be every bit as unhealthy as your average Iceland item. By the way in the last year or so Iceland have really stepped up their game in the health department. […]

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fat-loss tool, coffee

Why Coffee Could Be Your Greatest Fat-Loss Tool

I fucking LOVE caffeine! Tea, Coffee, Pro-Plus, it’s all amazing. I did my dissertation on “the effect of caffeine on 3km running performance” when I was at Uni. I am a big believer that Caffeine could solve most issues in life, it really is a fantastic fat-loss tool. There are both physical and mental benefits, and if used correctly, […]

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honest opinion on hunger

My Completely Honest Opinion On Hunger

Here is my completely honest opinion on hunger. So you want to lose weight? You’re gonna have to go on a diet then I’m afraid, and join a gym. In all honesty that means that you are probably going to experience hunger at some point in the very near future. See for a while there, a […]

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underrated supplement

The most underrated supplement

So finally I have had one of my articles published by Ben Coomber. I guarantee that 99% of the people who hear that statement go “So what?” but for the 1% who know who he is can understand why I’m excited. Ben Coomber is a big guy in the UK fitness and nutrition scene and getting published […]

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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating More Protein

A while back, I wrote a 2-part article series on 6 reasons why you should be eating everyone’s favourite macronutrient and thought that a quick summary would be useful to my beloved readers (all 2 of you). If you have the time you can check both articles out here and here. Otherwise the following (incredibly brief) […]

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