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honest opinion on hunger

My Completely Honest Opinion On Hunger

Here is my completely honest opinion on hunger. So you want to lose weight? You’re gonna have to go on a diet then I’m afraid, and join a gym. In all honesty that means that you are probably going to experience hunger at some point in the very near future. See for a while there, a […]

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underrated supplement

The most underrated supplement

So finally I have had one of my articles published by Ben Coomber. I guarantee that 99% of the people who hear that statement go “So what?” but for the 1% who know who he is can understand why I’m excited. Ben Coomber is a big guy in the UK fitness and nutrition scene and getting published […]

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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating More Protein

A while back, I wrote a 2-part article series on 6 reasons why you should be eating everyone’s favourite macronutrient and thought that a quick summary would be useful to my beloved readers (all 2 of you). If you have the time you can check both articles out here and here. Otherwise the following (incredibly brief) […]

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How To Drink Beer Whilst Dieting

Step One, raise glass to lips. Kidding. The cold fact about beer is that it is high calorie, and those calories have no value. It won’t give you energy, and it will hinder fat loss. But we are social creatures, and alcohol is part of our culture. Binning it completely is not going to work for most of us. So what can […]

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cashews, nut. nuts

Cashews, could they be making you fat?

A few days ago I wrote a guest post for Fit Lifestyle Box in which I talked about nuts (cashews, walnuts, peanuts etc) and fat loss dieting. You see there is a difference between eating healthily and eating for weight loss, I know that it sounds unlikely but think of it this way. If you […]

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cravings, benefits of sleep

How to prevent those frustrating mid afternoon cravings

A guest post from a good friend of mine (and overall badass personal trainer) Daniel Harrod on how best to prevent mid-afternoon cravings. Dan is a personal trainer in Harrow Leisure Centre just like myself, and has got some absolutely stunning results for his clients. Check out his facebook page and website (but read the article first, […]

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Terminator 1 Can Teach You About Fat Loss

Quick give me the story line to Terminator 1. … Okay I’ll give it to you. The Terminator comes back in time, identifies a target, pursues it relentlessly. Ultimately fails. Yeah my movie reviewing business was not up to much! But hopefully you can see where I’m going with this. The terminator didn’t decide he was going to catch Sarah […]

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Supplements Won’t Help You

Everyone is taking some form of supplements; Whey protein, Creatine, Fat-burners, Herbalife [shakes head]. I believe that this is mostly due to the fantastic marketing of supplement companies. They make it sound like drinking a protein shake will immediately add muscle, but that’s sadly not how it works. You need to work those muscles first, you need to […]

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fat, hungry, nutrition, lying, dieting, deadly

Deadly dieting sins: Guest blog

In the first of several guest blogs I will be writing for Fit Lifestyle Box here is a new article I wrote on the 7 deadly sins of dieting. I know right? Proper cheesy title, but I loved writing it and avoided the temptation to spend 1,000 words writing about how awesome Brad Pitt was in […]

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protein, steak, meat, creatine, Harrow personal trainer

Meat isn’t killing you

Another week another ‘study’ being used by shitty journalists to demonise meat. Apparently if you regularly eat steak you will die 3.5 years sooner than your vegetarian friend [1] this from a clinical review of six studies in a journal article named “Is Meat Killing Us?”. First off, a little rule of thumb for you, the more sensationalist […]

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