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Does beer taste better in a bottle?

Does Beer Taste Better in a Bottle?

Picture yourself in a beautiful garden, the weather is sunny and bright. You are surrounded by your friends, somebody passes you a beer. It’s in a bottle. You take a sip. Heaven. But does it taste better than if that beer was in a glass? In this article, I will attempt to answer the question […]

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What beer do they drink in Ireland

What Beer Do They Drink in Ireland?

There is one beer that everyone thinks of when they think of Ireland, and that beer is Smithwick’s. Wait, no that’s not right. Guinness! That’s the one. There is a good reason for that, Guinness is one of the best beers in the world. However, there more to Ireland than this (insert Alan Partridge quote […]

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What is Quadrupel beer

What is Quadrupel Beer? A guide to Trappist Beer

I am a big fan of Belgian beer and have drunk many a Tripel in my time, but recently I heard of a beer that styled itself as a Quadrupel. But what is a Quadrupel beer? Quadrupel is inspired by Belgian Trappist ales which are roughly separated into numerical groups based on their alcohol content. […]

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which beer should not be served in a pint glass?

Which Beer Should Not Be Served in a Pint Glass?

I have a problem, a serious addiction. Beer glasses. At current count I have 65 beer glasses in my house. Which may not sound like a lot, but I am the only beer drinker in my household. Giving a beer glass to human ratio of 65:1. In this article, I will be looking at what […]

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How should beer glasses be washed?

How Should Beer Glasses be Washed?

I own a lot of beer glasses. A LOT! I have about 30 Belgian beer glasses, several German beer glasses, and a huge assortment of others. I love pairing the right glass and the right beer together. It makes everything feel right. But how should beer glasses be washed? Hand wash your beer glasses, avoid […]

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better bench press

Three Tips for a Bigger, Better Bench Press

“How much do you bench?” That’s a question anyone who’s even remotely serious about working out will have heard. Or, more likely, even been asked themselves. Of all the exercises out there this one seems to have permeated into mainstream culture more so than any other. You’ll find many newer lifters desperately striving to achieve […]

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Beers We'd Love to Drink But Can't

Beers We’d Love to Drink But Can’t

Finally! After several tear-fuelled phone calls and an ill-advised trip to Watford with a boombox in hand. I have managed to secure the podcasting services of Mr Todd Davies. In this week’s podcast we discuss beers we’d love to drink but can’t. The sound quality is not amazing. This is thanks to the social distancing […]

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Why are pubs opening before gyms

Why are Pubs Opening Before Gyms?

My website is named Beer n Biceps, and that is the name of the podcast that I run. The idea behind the podcast/website was to teach people how to drink good beer while leading a healthy life and losing weight. So, I feel uniquely placed to answer the question “Why are pubs opening before gyms?”. […]

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Personal Training and Boxing. A Good Mix?

As a qualified personal trainer and qualified Boxercise coach (don’t laugh, it’s a real qualification) I feel perfectly placed to discuss whether personal training and boxing is a good mix or not. Which is why I have dedicated a podcast to that very subject. Personal Training and Boxing Boxercise is a very underrated qualification in […]

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Are Meal Replacement Shakes a Good Idea?

Are Meal Replacement Shakes a Good Idea?

In this podcast, I attempt to answer the question “are meal replacement shakes a good idea?”. It’s quite a controversial topic and one that often leads to arguments. So, of course, I immediately decided to hump in with both feet. Are Meal Replacement Shakes a Good Idea? Yes, meal replacement shakes can be a good […]

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