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colin, deadlift, weights, fat loss

What happened to Colin

When I first met Colin he was 142kg at 5 foot 9 inches. He was powerful as hell, but had a back injury that had stopped him from any form of weight lifting. His cardio was poor, although he played Hockey regularly. And his diet was shocking! Not a vegetable in sight and way too much snacking on […]

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exercises, resistance, weights, squats

Exercises every man (& woman) should do

So the following article is my OPINION not a stated fact. So don’t get all upset if you aren’t currently up to my standard. But over the years as a trainer I have observed what the average man can do. And what he should be able to do. These are just some examples of exercises you should be able to do, […]

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pasta, carbs, carbohydrates, nutrition, carb

Carb-free diets make you fat

Every decade or so, the public’s opinion on diet changes. So we had the anti-fat campaign. Where anything with saturated or unsaturated fat was poison. Then there was the Atkins which promoted fat and protein whilst demonising the carb. Now we have “Healthy fats” which are supposed to be amazing at getting us lean. And SUGAR is the enemy. But […]

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gym, training, weights, bros

Gym Bros. Is your hatred holding you back?

Nobody gets hated on more than Gym Bros these days (Well I’m sure loads of people do but I’m going to ignore this). Anything that’s performed incorrectly in the gym has Bro added to it. Only training arms today? Bro workout. Eating broccoli and chicken? Bro diet. Giving out bad advice? Bro Science. And don’t get me wrong I’ve used the […]

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protein, powder, workout, nutrition, pre-workout, post-workout

Post-workout Nutrition

This article looks at what to take post-workout. If you want to find out what to take pre-workout then check out my article for WatchFit.com Post-workout nutrition So you’ve just finished your workout and you’re wondering what you should be doing next? Well to be honest getting a good night’s sleep would be the absolute […]

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weights, gym, motivation

Self conscious at the gym

Over the years I have heard a lot of reasons why people would rather train at home than in a gym. Now that my coaching program requires clients to be at a gym I am hearing the same excuse over and over “I don’t want to join the gym until I’ve lost enough weight to join”. Which don’t […]

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coffee, caffeine, bullet-proof, nutrition

Coffee: How to REALLY make it bullet-proof

The only way to TRULY make your coffee bullet-proof is to drink it out of a Kevlar mug! Yeah, every once in a while the fitness industry brings out another corker. Bullet proof coffee is basically adding a tonne of butter to a black coffee. The reason why? I still have no idea. There is Zero science […]

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time to train, time management, motivation, personal training harrow

I just don’t have the time

One of the most popular excuses for people not training has to be the amount of time required. And there is no beating around the bush here, It does take up a lot of your time. Especially at first.  Travelling to and from the gym  Working out 4-5 times per week  Cooking healthy rather than convenient meals.   […]

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voice, personal trainer harrow, motivation

Stop listening to the voice in your head

Ever have that voice in your head telling you not to bother going to the gym today? Your success could depend on what you do with that advice I’ve always been a bit of an up and down person. I’m not talking Bi-polar or anything, but I have days where I am full of confidence, and […]

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calories, diet, nutrition, personal trainer harrow

Calories – Counting for Beginners

Counting calories has been one of the most controversial methods of dieting in the fitness industry for the last decade, with public opinion shifting between both extremes. For every trainer who tells you that it is dangerous and wrong there is another trainer who swears by it. I hate to sit on the fence when it […]

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