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Beer N Biceps Podcast. Episode 4: Creating Your Perfect Training Plan

Hello and welcome to episode 4 of the beer n biceps podcast, “Creating your perfect training plan”. Todd and I recorded this episode on Monday night – where we managed to screw up our facebook live, screw up our video recording, and screw up our initial podcast recording! It was a bit of a nightmare.

But, the true professionals that we are – managed to record the episode one more time. So you are really getting 200% effort for the same amount of content. In this episode we look at creating your perfect training plan, we answer a couple of questions, and we review the Erdinger Weissbier.

Also, as an extra treat for you guys – we have created a small supplementary YouTube video to accompany our podcast.


Creating your perfect training plan

One thing that we discussed in the podcast was how to go about creating your perfect training plan, and whether chasing perfection was even worth it. The truth is that a well researched and perfectly designed training plan is going to deliver better, faster results than a poorly thought out training plan. It will also give much better results than no training program at all! However, to be successful you need to enter the gym.

One issue that seems to affect a lot of people is paralysis – not a physical paralysis, but a mental one. Where they spend so long trying to create the perfect training program that they actually don’t accomplish anything. It is always better to get started straight away when it comes to training and nutrition, even if your training plan isn’t perfect yet. Just take a look at this very podcast, Todd and I decided to create one, and within 3 days we had already recorded our first episode. It was only once we had started out that we put the effort into making a great plan to follow. We’re still learning now.

Diet Vs Exercise

One of the questions that was put to us by Sam was whether diet or exercise was more important, I think that this is a really interesting question. In my opinion if you are talking about health then a calorie controlled diet that gets all the correct nutrients, and macros is superior to exercise. But in terms of body composition then exercise is marginally superior to diet. The fallacy that you can’t out train a bad diet has been continually disproved in gym across the country. There are many things that can affect your body composition – and diet is definitely one of them. But if you were to exercise to extreme levels then your diet would become less of an issue.

The true answer to this question is that you need a combination of both to achieve either full health or excellent body comp. Why put pressure on one aspect of training by ignoring the other? I’d also add that sleep could potentially trump both!

The importance of hitting each macro

Now I’ve gone over what macronutrients are and what they do before so there’s not much point in me going into that all over again. But I can answer the question of how important it is to hit each macro. To manage this you need to have a calorie target, and I would put hitting your calorie target as much more important than hitting each individual macronutrient target. But then I would say that you should always try to hit protein, while fat should be kept within reason. Use carbohydrates as the macro that you can play around with to ensure you are hitting that calorie target.

Beer Review: Hefe-Weizen by Erdinger

This week it was my turn to pick a beer, and I went for one of my favourite, a wheat beer by Erdinger. It has been brewed by the Bavarian company since 1886 and has been run by the same family since 1949. When I first experienced this beer my initial reaction was one of pure loathing. I was too young for it really, and it joined the list of beers that I hated for years before finally loving (Sierra Nevada, Brewdog, Belgian Beers, most Craft beers), my taste buds matured, and my range of beers increased massively.

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One issue that I have always had with this beer is pouring, which is why I was so pleased to learn the correct way of pouring one from Todd. The boy has skills, and I’ll be performing his method from now on: Wash glass with cold water, tilt glass, pour slowly until 80% of the beer is in the glass, swirl the remaining beer in the bottle to unsettle the sediment/yeast, and then pour onto the top. It made a huge difference to the taste, and to the makeup of this beer – usually I find that the head ends up taking up 50% of the glass!

Next Week

Now that we have helped you with creating your perfect training plan we can turn our attention to a review of how Todd has been doing over the last few weeks. We will also be answering any questions that you have for us. Please contact us on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, or just message us in the comments!


About the Author Matt Smith

Matt Smith is the owner of Beer N Biceps. He has a degree in Sports Science, 10 years of experience working in the fitness industry, and has written for hundreds of fitness websites. He is a lover of good quality beer and believes that drinking in moderation can form part of a healthy lifestyle.

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