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one-hit wonders

One-Hit Wonders: a Hidden Beauty?

I am an absolute sucker for one-hit wonders, and also quite scared by them. When I was younger, I hated the idea of one-hit wonders. This was back when you bought your music on cassette tape or CD. I remember purchasing more than one album based on liking a particular song … and realising that […]

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Write more

Write More Now: Everyone Has a Story in Them

Yes you, the person reading this article. You need to write more. I started personal training in 2010, and if I am being completely honest the thing that I was most excited about was having my own website (closely followed by having my own business cards). Was this a sign of vanity? Probably, but then […]

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Scary pubs

Scary Pubs in Britain and Why I Love Them

In this article I will attempt to achieve the impossible, I will convince you that drinking in scary pubs is a right of passage that should be celebrated rather than feared. I love beer, this is probably obvious. I write on a blog that references beer quite clearly and most of my leisure time is […]

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The Day I forgot my urine bottle

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately realised that you’re missing something, some piece of vital information that would instantly explain why the whole world seems to have gone insane? When I was at University I had that exact moment. I walked into my metabolic nutrition class to be met with the sight […]

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