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self care

Self Care Practices Essential to Your Mental Health

Brad created to share his own knowledge and the many great resources he has found on his self care journey.   You can have abs of steel and the physique of a top model, but without good mental health, what do you really have? As the Surgeon General of the U.S. stated a decade […]

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does your bmi matter?

Does your BMI matter? How best to measure progress

Your body mass index is a measure of your height and weight that is used to determine whether you are within the acceptable limits for your size. It is widely used in the medical world, and can often also be used in the fitness world. There are many benefits to using BMI, but there are […]

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guess whose back

Craving Results: Guess Whose Back?

Hey hey! Guess whose back? Wow, it’s been a while…not even sure where to start (or if I’m actually talking to anyone?) Sorry for the absence, I have to say I have always been pretty sporadic with projects (my 3 boxes of half complete craft works will tell you that!) I guess you have been […]

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chocolate tea pot

Flash sale on chocolate teapot

As a personal trainer and fitness writer I have been exposed to more than my fair share of scams. You’ve got your Herbalife/Juice+/Aloe Vera shite. You’ve got Cambridge Diets, Detoxes and Cleanses, and your Wraps, fat-burners, and diet pills. All about as much use as a chocolate teapot! They target us on facebook, google, in […]

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Uncomfortable truth: God ain’t gonna help you

I am not a religious person, but I was raised Catholic and feel that I absorbed enough of the bible to confidently say that God is not going to personally help you. I’m sorry if this is an uncomfortable truth but nowhere in the Bible does it mention a poor woman with a failing business […]

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writer's block

Craving Results: I’ve got this writer’s block

Happy New Year…(are we still saying this? – I’ll go with it!) I know there’s been a radio silence on this blog again for the best part of a month (though the last one was posted quite late after I wrote it, so I suppose it seems longer to me than it did to you). […]

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Craving Results: Procrastination

Note from Matt: In the spirit of this article I have managed to procrastinate SO HARD that Sam’s blog post that was submitted to me on 20th December hasn’t been put up until today 2nd January. So a lot of her references are pre-Christmas ones (Damn you procrastination!) Hello – I’m back! So, I’ve had […]

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Craving Results: How to stay SMART

So this topic has kind of turned into a 2 parter. Following last week’s blog, I ended up having a good conversation with Matt about it during one of our sessions. Needless to say that after the comprehensive list I gave on the subject, Matt was able to point out one glaringly obvious point that […]

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stay motivated

Craving Results: How to stay motivated

Public service announcement – this will not be a normal blog… It is also not a how to guide. I’m asking a genuine question (partially for myself to reflect on) – How can you stay motivated when you’re really not feeling it? The nights are really drawing in now. It’s cold, it’s dark and I […]

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game of two halves

Craving Results: A Game of Two Halves

So this week is another game of two halves…. I went to the gym 3 times last week and stuck to the new Matt regime. The first session with him with all the big exercises still suck, but hey ho, that’s why I go I guess? The second session is a much more pleasant set. The […]

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