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Bicep Building By Matt

Training the bicep muscles is how most men spend the majority of their gym time, and most men are training them badly! How else can you explain guys who train week in, week out without ever improving the size or strength of their arms. The following article will help you to discover: The best exercises […]

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What’s In My Gym Bag?

Or alternatively, “What do I bring with me to every session?” There are a tonne of products out there for gym goers. Some really good stuff. And some absolute rip offs! So what is worth your time?Firstly get yourself a notepad, not because I need you to take notes of what I’m saying (that would be fucking stupid if […]

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Marathon Man Ashley

Recently I was trying to work out who my longest running client is. And I realised that my client Ashley “Marathon Man” Rubinstein had been training with me for over 3 years. Which is awesome because I’ve only been working in my current gym for 3 and a half years. So he was pretty much there from the […]

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Football: Can Fans Teach You About Fitness?

Not a lot I bet. Not when it comes to specific issues. What i’m  talking about though, is a thing called confirmation bias. And football fans are the biggest example of this. This article will show you how confirmation bias is fucking up your training program. Football Facts So the idea is that if you believe something: For example, that […]

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Exercises every man (& woman) should do

So the following article is my OPINION not a stated fact. So don’t get all upset if you aren’t currently up to my standard. But over the years as a trainer I have observed what the average man can do. And what he should be able to do. These are just some examples of exercises you should be able to do, […]

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Gym Bros. Is your hatred holding you back?

Nobody gets hated on more than Gym Bros these days (Well I’m sure loads of people do but I’m going to ignore this). Anything that’s performed incorrectly in the gym has Bro added to it. Only training arms today? Bro workout. Eating broccoli and chicken? Bro diet. Giving out bad advice? Bro Science. And don’t get me wrong I’ve used the […]

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I’ve just signed up for the gym. Now what?

I’d had this idea for an article for brand new gym members running around in my head for a while and luckily a chance arose to write a guest blog for Texan personal trainer Amanda Hodges. She’s been in the industry for 15 years so I was very flattered to be able to write for […]

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Running articles collection

Over the past few months I’ve written a couple of running articles for  and I thought I would share them here. They cover the subject of which type is better, sprinting or long distance? And whether Altitude Masks are a good idea or not. Now I know that Altitude Masks aren’t exclusively used for running, […]

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Best Gym Workouts for Beginners

So I had a series of 4 articles published by WatchFit on the subject of creating beginners gym workouts. I thought I would link them all here and then it would be a lot easier to see them all, they are obviously designed for brand new gym-goers but even seasoned gym veterans could learn a […]

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