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Will bodybuilding cause acne

Will Bodybuilding Cause Acne? Your Questions Answered

Most people get into bodybuilding to improve their appearance, so the idea that bodybuilding could lead to acne is a frightening prospect. Will bodybuilding cause acne? Or is there more to this than meets the eye? Acne is almost always caused by genetics, but can also be affected by diet, stress, and hormonal changes. Bodybuilding […]

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Will bodybuilding burn fat

Will Bodybuilding Burn Fat? Your Questions Answered

Most guys, when they think about getting in shape, automatically think about bodybuilding. But for many, a bodybuilding lifestyle/physique is incompatible with their goals and what they are willing to give up for success. Will bodybuilding burn fat? Or are there better alternatives for new lifters? If you are new to the gym and a […]

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Will bodybuilding make me stronger

Will Bodybuilding Make Me Stronger? The Truth

Bodybuilding is filled with myths and misconceptions. So I have decided to try and clear a few things up! This time I will be attempting to answer the question “Will bodybuilding make me stronger?”. If you are untrained and take up bodybuilding it will certainly make you stronger. If you have a background in powerlifting […]

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Will Bodybuilding Affect Height

Will Bodybuilding Affect Height? Your Questions Answered

There are a lot of falsehoods and misconceptions that surround Bodybuilding. You would be amazed at how many people ask “Will Bodybuilding affect height?”. I have decided to take a closer look at this and find out for myself. Bodybuilding as an adult will not affect height. Studies have repeatedly shown that lifting weights as […]

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better bench press

Three Tips for a Bigger, Better Bench Press

“How much do you bench?” That’s a question anyone who’s even remotely serious about working out will have heard. Or, more likely, even been asked themselves. Of all the exercises out there this one seems to have permeated into mainstream culture more so than any other. You’ll find many newer lifters desperately striving to achieve […]

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Does drinking beer prevent you from building muscle

Does Drinking Beer Prevent You From Building Muscle?

Most men want to build muscle, most men also enjoy drinking beer. But does drinking beer prevent you from building muscle? In this article, I will take a look at the research in a bid to find out exactly what happens. As part of a balanced diet, and in moderation, beer does not prevent you […]

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Plyometrics You’re (probably) using it wrong

Plyometrics was first used by Soviet athletes in the 1980s. The term was coined by Fred Wilt, an American long-distance runner who had seen the athletes performing jumps and hops during their warm-ups. For the next 20 years, plyometrics was used by athletes to improve their explosive power, agility, and muscular strength. Around the early […]

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What does HIIT stand for?

What Does HIIT Stand For? A Quick Guide

If you have had any interaction with the fitness world in the last few years, you may have heard the term HIIT thrown around. A lot of people talk about HIIT, but a surprising few can actually answer the question: what does HIIT stand for? In this article, I am going to not only explain […]

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problem with drug tests

Here is the Problem with Drug Tests

Trial by social media is a horrible thing, and the sporting world is one of the worst examples of this (but still a million miles behind politics). Once a confirmed drug cheat, always a confirmed drug cheat. There is no black and white here, you’re found guilty and your career is forever tainted. Of course, […]

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HIIT afterburn

HIIT Afterburn: Setting the Record Straight

Sometimes I feel like this blog does the opposite of what I intended it to do, discouraging people from exercise. There is a part of my brain that constantly says “Just shut up and let people enjoy things”. The truth is that sometimes a white lie can be a useful tool in the weight loss […]

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