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Personal Trainer Harrow

I know how you feel, you've been making plans to join the gym for weeks now but there's always something stopping you.

"It's raining outside, I'll leave it till Wednesday" but when Wednesday comes you're too busy with work, better leave it till Monday.

Fresh Start. Your diet is shit, and you're sick and tired of being average.

Personal Trainer Harrow

You've done your research, you know what exercises you should do, and the "top 5 foods to avoid if you want a flat stomach" but you're still not sure if you can trust that advice. Everything seems so complicated.

Do you eat carbs or avoid them? Deadlifts at the beginning of the session or at the end?

That guy says you should avoid taking creatine, but another guy swears by it. Who should you trust?

Personal Trainer Harrow

That was me, 8 years ago. Fresh out of Uni with a shiny new degree in Sports Science and a beer gut, I didn't know what to believe or who to trust.

I didn't want to take the first step in case it was the wrong step. And I was supposed to be the expert!

Get Better Results than 90% of average gym goers.

It took me years to finally work out what works and what doesn't work. How to diet so that you can keep your body fat low but still enjoy a pint out with your mates. How to save time in the gym, yet get better results than 90% of average gym goers.

I made every mistake in the book, but came out with the knowledge and the ability to get anyone who is willing to work hard, the results they deserve. In my 7 years of coaching I have learned which exercises deliver the best results, which diet strategies work (and which ones fail), and how best to avoid the pitfalls that plague most gym goers. I have identified the single biggest issue that prevents the average man from realising his true potential. And I can teach it to you

I will ensure you have the perfect training plan (to get the most out of your gym sessions), a diet strategy which will actually work for you, and will take away all the doubt and stress that comes with trying to go it alone

Personal Trainer Harrow
Personal Trainer Harrow
Stefan Liesker - lost 7.5kg in 12 weeks 

Matt took my preferences in mind and changed the program to suit my abilities. 

He was always very helpful with answering questions, he's very knowledgeable but also very honest. If he doesn't know the answer, you don't get any bull shit, but he consults an expert and comes back with decent information.

Personal Trainer Harrow
James Griffin

It’s no exaggeration that from the start, to where I am now, my diet and exercise regime has changed dramatically, what I like about Matt is how every change is made in such small measures you barely notice it. It’s only after 6 months you take a look back to where you were previously and realise how far you have come. 

Todd Davies

Todd Davies' transformation took place within 12 weeks in 2013. He went from 33.8% to 20% body fat

Personal Trainer Harrow
Personal Trainer Harrow
  • Customised training programs that evolve with you, no more wasting time performing exercises that are wrong for you. Now each session will reflect your current ability, goals, and any input that you give.
  • A nutrition strategy that actually works for you! Tailored advice that will save you from boring, restrictive diets that fail 90% of the time. Lose fat whilst still enjoying the food you love.
  • Stay in contact with your coach with weekly phone/skype consultations, email and text support. You will be able to discuss any issues you are having, and any training or diet questions you have. The weekly contact will help keep you on track, and prevent you from losing focus. The number one reason people fail is that they don't stick to the plan long enough to see results, having someone watching over you will help prevent this.
  • A private facebook group where you will be surrounded by like-minded members who will help motivate and support you to reach your goals. The facebook group will be filled with useful information, helpful hints and tips, and will make you feel part of a team.
  • There will be transformation competitions and weight lifting challenges for all members with prizes available. This will help you stay focused, and may help you push yourself a little bit more. They will be fun and will offer you the chance to compete with each other.
  • You will be given a long term strategy, broken up into short, easy to follow modules. Avoid getting overwhelmed or confused by only following one goal at a time until eventually you have completed each task and achieved the body of your dreams.
  • You will also have access to a video library which will help you understand how to perform each exercise perfectly, no need to trawl through YouTube for hours. Every exercise program will be accompanied with the required examples. Saving you time, and ensuring you are following the correct instructions
  • A personalised action plan split into daily, weekly, and monthly goals that will set out exactly what you need to do to create the physique of your dreams

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that if you follow my advice to the letter you will see results, that if you aren't happy at the end of the first month I will refund you 100% of your investment

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