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problem with drug tests

Here is the Problem with Drug Tests

Trial by social media is a horrible thing, and the sporting world is one of the worst examples of this (but still a million miles behind politics). Once a confirmed drug cheat, always a confirmed drug cheat. There is no black and white here, you’re found guilty and your career is forever tainted. Of course, […]

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HIIT afterburn

HIIT Afterburn: Setting the Record Straight

Sometimes I feel like this blog does the opposite of what I intended it to do, discouraging people from exercise. There is a part of my brain that constantly says “Just shut up and let people enjoy things”. The truth is that sometimes a white lie can be a useful tool in the weight loss […]

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unrealistic expectations

Unrealistic Expectations, the Big Issue in Fitness

Vince Lombardi was a very clever man, possibly the greatest coach in history. In the 1960s he coached the Green Bay Packers to 3 successive NFL Championships, and 5 in 7 years. His shock death from cancer in 1970 (at the age of 57) prevented him from seeing further success with the Washington Redskins, but […]

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lazy bastard

Breaking Matt: Living the lazy bastard lifestyle

“So Matt how’s that weekly blog post been coming? You forget to publish them or what?” Nope just being a lazy bastard as per usual. Okay that’s a little harsh on myself. I’ve actually been writing like a motherfucker. Last month I wrote around 40 articles and a 20,000 word eBook. Add to that daily […]

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boxing, fitness

Improve your fitness with Boxing Training

I’ve been a personal trainer for 7 years, for the most part I focus on fitness and strength & resistance training but when I first qualified it was as a boxing personal trainer. This doesn’t mean I was a coach for boxers, nor does it mean that I was ever a boxer myself – I may […]

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Better Bench

5 Fitness Tips that you will Never Follow

The more I write for a living, the more I am aware that we are constantly barraged with fitness tips. “5 ways to improve …” or “These fitness hacks will …” or “6 supplements that can transform … “. There is nothing wrong with this at all (I’ve written about 200). But I cannot remember […]

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helped my client

How I Helped My Client To Beat The Opposition

Stefan was an online client of mine who participated in my 12 week program. He came to me with the novel goal. To beat his wife …. In a fat-loss competition they had together! He was a hard-working client who was already in pretty good shape when we started, but was stuck in a bit of a rut. Here […]

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time to train

What’s The Best Time To Train?

Us humans are in the main creatures of habit, we have a set routine of things that we like to  do and try to keep to it as often as possible. Training in the gym is one of those routines, I know very few people who train at varying times during the week. Mostly they are people […]

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These 3 Changes Can Turbo Charge Your Training

I won’t mess around, you clicked on this article for 1 of 2 reasons, either: You’re curious to see what I’m wittering on about this time. OR You want to make beneficial changes to your training So let’s get straight to it! 3 changes that you can make TODAY. That will upgrade your training from mediocre to magnificent. […]

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gym free

The 10 minute “Gym Free” Workout

Today I had absolutely no time at all to get to the gym, I’d given myself way too much work to do (3,500 words worth of articles) and would need some form of gym free workout to make sure that I at least burnt some calories within 24 hours. Now there are a few things […]

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