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Biggest Dieting Mistake

The Biggest Dieting Mistake People Make

This podcast was recorded in October, but due to severe procrastination I have only just got around to publishing it. In fact, I have a backlog of SIX podcasts that still need to be uploaded. I guess it’s just a lot more enjoyable to drink beer and moan about the world than it is to […]

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Beers We'd Love to Drink But Can't

Beers We’d Love to Drink But Can’t

Finally! After several tear-fuelled phone calls and an ill-advised trip to Watford with a boombox in hand. I have managed to secure the podcasting services of Mr Todd Davies. In this week’s podcast we discuss beers we’d love to drink but can’t. The sound quality is not amazing. This is thanks to the social distancing […]

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Why are pubs opening before gyms

Why are Pubs Opening Before Gyms?

My website is named Beer n Biceps, and that is the name of the podcast that I run. The idea behind the podcast/website was to teach people how to drink good beer while leading a healthy life and losing weight. So, I feel uniquely placed to answer the question “Why are pubs opening before gyms?”. […]

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Personal Training and Boxing. A Good Mix?

As a qualified personal trainer and qualified Boxercise coach (don’t laugh, it’s a real qualification) I feel perfectly placed to discuss whether personal training and boxing is a good mix or not. Which is why I have dedicated a podcast to that very subject. Personal Training and Boxing Boxercise is a very underrated qualification in […]

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Are Meal Replacement Shakes a Good Idea?

Are Meal Replacement Shakes a Good Idea?

In this podcast, I attempt to answer the question “are meal replacement shakes a good idea?”. It’s quite a controversial topic and one that often leads to arguments. So, of course, I immediately decided to hump in with both feet. Are Meal Replacement Shakes a Good Idea? Yes, meal replacement shakes can be a good […]

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Is a Vegan Diet Healthier Than a Regular Diet?

Is a vegan diet healthier than a regular diet? This is a question that I’ve really struggled with over the years. On the surface, it seems quite straightforward. Vegan dieters are shown to live longer, have fewer health issues, and are generally fitter and leaner than people who follow regular diets. But does that mean […]

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quit personal training

Why I Quit Personal Training: BnB Podcast

This is the first podcast that I’ve done alone. Just Matt, no Todd. The reason? In September 2018 I moved from London (technically Watford) to Nottingham. After several tear-fuelled discussions with our respective partners, Todd was not allowed to come with me and live in my shed. So until I work out a way to […]

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badger beer & perfect warm-ups

Perfect Warm-Ups & Badger Beer

In the second episode of our new-look podcast, we are discussing perfect warm-ups and drinking Badger beer. Well, we call it badger beer, but actually, the brewery is called Hall & Woodhouse brewery. We really enjoyed ourselves during this podcast, mostly thanks to the excellent beers! We’re loving this 30-minute format, it’s easier to listen […]

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Beer in England

Brand New Beer N Biceps Podcast

On the 4th of June 2017, Todd and I got drunk, very drunk. The kind of drunk where you stand up after a while on shaky legs, walk outside the pub and decide to create a podcast about beer n biceps. You’ve probably done exactly that yourself right? What were our qualifications to do so? […]

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xmas special

Beer N Biceps Xmas Special Episode

Our last Beer N Biceps episode of the year is a xmas special where we drink Elf Juice by Bad Company and talk about the ways in which you can maintain your weight, prevent weight gain, or even lose weight over the Christmas holiday. This is not something that you need to do, and Todd […]

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