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Is a Vegan Diet Healthier Than a Regular Diet?

Is a Vegan Diet Healthier Than a Regular Diet?

Is a vegan diet healthier than a regular diet? This is a question that I’ve really struggled with over the years. On the surface, it seems quite straightforward. Vegan dieters are shown to live longer, have fewer health issues, and are generally fitter and leaner than people who follow regular diets. But does that mean […]

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quit personal training

Why I Quit Personal Training: BnB Podcast

This is the first podcast that I’ve done alone. Just Matt, no Todd. The reason? In September 2018 I moved from London (technically Watford) to Nottingham. After several tear-fuelled discussions with our respective partners, Todd was not allowed to come with me and live in my shed. So until I work out a way to […]

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badger beer & perfect warm-ups

Perfect Warm-Ups & Badger Beer

In the second episode of our new-look podcast, we are discussing perfect warm-ups and drinking Badger beer. Well, we call it badger beer, but actually, the brewery is called Hall & Woodhouse brewery. We really enjoyed ourselves during this podcast, mostly thanks to the excellent beers! We’re loving this 30-minute format, it’s easier to listen […]

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Brand New Beer N Biceps Podcast, Newcastle Brown Ale

Brand New Beer N Biceps Podcast

On the 4th of June 2017, Todd and I got drunk, very drunk. The kind of drunk where you stand up after a while on shaky legs, walk outside the pub and decide to create a podcast about beer n biceps. You’ve probably done exactly that yourself right? What were our qualifications to do so? […]

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xmas special

Beer N Biceps Xmas Special Episode

Our last Beer N Biceps episode of the year is a xmas special where we drink Elf Juice by Bad Company and talk about the ways in which you can maintain your weight, prevent weight gain, or even lose weight over the Christmas holiday. This is not something that you need to do, and Todd […]

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looking back

Beer N Biceps Episode 18: Looking Back on the Series

This episode is the last of series one, when we started out there was no plan to split the episodes up into short series (which is why series one ended up with 18 episodes). Looking back on what we have achieved so far is the focus of this episode. We’ll be looking at our favourite […]

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quick fix diet tricks

Beer N Biceps Episode 17: Quick Fix Diet Tricks

After last episode’s adventures in Beer Asylum we decided to record this week’s episode in the relative quietness of my flat (which worked for me as I’m incredibly lazy). We will probably record another episode at that fantastic shop in the future, but at a quieter time. This week we talked about quick fix diet […]

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media failing fitness

Beer N Biceps Episode 16: Is the media failing fitness?

This week was a bit experimental, we attempted to record our podcast episode in a beer shop/bar called Beer Asylum in Pinner. While the bar itself was incredible, we made the (naive) decision to record it at 7:30pm on a Friday night. Consequently the bar was heaving, considering we were recording off my iPhone we […]

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how to fix the uk

Beer N Biceps Episode 15: How to fix the Uk

This week we are discussing the famous German Beer festival known as Oktoberfest, we drink Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, and we discuss how to fix the UK. No we haven’t gone all political, we’re just looking at what we would do if we were in power to combat the UK’s serious obesity crisis. The discussion was […]

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perfect training program, what is german oktoberfest

Beer N Biceps Episode 14: The Perfect Training Program

Todd and I have been a little slow in bringing out new episodes recently, and I hope you can forgive us. In the last three weeks we’ve had Todd going on holiday to France, me going to Germany, my mum’s 60th birthday, my 30th birthday, and we’ve both moved (or are in the process of […]

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