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Beer N Biceps Podcast. Episode 7: Troubleshoot The Diet

Hello again, another episode in our Beer N Biceps podcast, it’s amazing that we’ve got this far – we’ll soon be approaching our 500th download! As we have constantly pointed out, before we started this we’d have been happy with 100 (Hell, we threw a party when we did hit 100). We want to hit […]

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life and death, doms, delayed onset muscle soreness, beer n biceps, beernbiceps, vocation brewery

Beer N Biceps Podcast. Episode 6: Dealing with DOMS

Another episode of Beer N Biceps is up, and this time we’re talking about Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – otherwise known as DOMS. This is the awful pain that you feel the day after a workout, we will be discussing what it is, why it is there, and what you can do to alleviate the […]

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training review, tusker beer, beernbiceps, beer n biceps

Beer N Biceps Podcast. Episode 5: Training Review

Welcome back to another episode of Beer N Biceps, this week Todd and I spent time performing a training review, a look back at what we had done so far, and how it was going. We also answered some interesting questions regarding sleep, kale, abdominal exercises, and broccoli water. We reviewed a Kenyan beer called […]

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Beer N Biceps Podcast. Episode 4: Creating Your Perfect Training Plan

Hello and welcome to episode 4 of the beer n biceps podcast, Todd and I recorded this episode on Monday night – where we managed to fuck up our facebook live, fuck up our video recording, and fuck up our initial podcast recording! It was a bit of a nightmare. But, the true professionals that […]

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beer n biceps, beernbiceps, longboard, podcast, choosing a gym

Beer N Biceps Podcast. Episode Three: Choosing a Gym

Hello again! Welcome to episode 3 of Beer N Biceps. In this week’s podcast Todd and I talk about choosing a gym. We briefly mention Todd’s new goals, and we discuss measurements. For about 45 seconds at the end of the podcast because we completely forgot! We also discuss our beer of the week. And […]

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Beer N Biceps Podcast. Episode 2: Goal Setting

Hello again guys! Welcome to our second beer n biceps podcast, this week Todd and I looked at goal setting and how to use it effectively for your fitness and nutrition needs. We also briefly talked about the recent hot weather and how it can positively or negatively affect your diet and energy expenditure. We […]

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Belgian beer

Beer N Biceps Podcast. Episode 1: An Introduction

This is the first ever beer n biceps podcast created by myself and my good friend (and ex-client) Todd. Hopefully this will be the first of many weekly podcasts between the two of us, walking you through how we both approach training and leading a healthy lifestyle. You can listen to it here: Who Are […]

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