Best Beer Delivery Service (UK)

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There are several excellent beer delivery services in the UK, and I’ve used most of them at one point in time. Beer delivery is the one area where I feel Amazon doesn’t really do well, and as such, I’ve tried several other companies to get my exotic beer fix.

There are two excellent beer delivery services in the UK. BeerHawk and Beerwulf. I also enjoy Beer Merchants and Beers of Belgium, though it will be interesting to see how Brexit affects all beer companies over the coming years. 

In this review, I will take a look at some of the biggest beer delivery services in the UK, and help you to decide which one works best for your specific needs.

Best Beer Delivery Service (UK)

BeerHawk is probably the best know beer delivery service in the UK, but is it the best? What is Amazon’s beer selection like? It’s time to take a deep dive into each one. I won’t be looking at online supermarket orders from companies such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, and Asda. Though they are actually a decent option for many.

What makes for the best beer delivery service? In my opinion, factors should include:

  • Range of beers available
  • Pricing
  • Beer glasses and other accessories
  • Decent delivery service

Some companies can absolutely dominate in one section (Amazon has free next-day delivery for Prime members) but completely fail in other areas (range, pricing, beer glasses). I also think that getting beers from different companies is a good idea. Brand loyalty isn’t that helpful in this instance. I have got a lot of my Belgian beers from Beers of Belgium thanks to their incredible range, but obviously, I get German beers or rare English beers from other companies.

Amazon Beer Delivery

Amazon isn’t a beer delivery service in the same way that BeerHawk or Beerwulf are, but it sells a lot of beer. While the variety of beers is surprisingly limited, Amazon has two big benefits over other delivery services. Their next-day delivery with Prime is a gamechanger. They are also excellent at selling beers in bulk.

For example, where else can you get a crate of 12 Flensburger Pilsners (Amazon affiliate link) delivered to your door? It also sells an amazing range of Samuel Smiths beers, which are hard to find everywhere else. I’ve had my eye on the Samuel Smiths Beer Selection box for a while (Amazon affiliate link).

They also have an ever-increasing range of beer glasses, check out these amazing Leffe glasses (Amazon affiliate link). Overall, Amazon is a decent beer delivery service, and ideal if you need beer in a hurry. They could definitely do with increasing their range of beers, and perhaps branch out into kegs. I think that Amazon could potentially run a better keg delivery service than most current beer delivery services.


For a while now, BeerHawk has been my go-to beer delivery service. I bought my PerfectDraft system from them, I have got a large percentage of my beer glasses from them, and it’s the best place to buy German or Belgian beers. Their Customer Favourite Mixed Case is probably the number one mixed case in the UK right now (BeerHawk affiliate link).

Overall, BeerHawk is my preferred beer delivery service, and it has the best range. Their delivery is decent, and I’m a huge fan of their PerfectDraft kegs.


Beerwulf is a European beer delivery service that resembles BeerHawk quite a lot. The main difference is that Beerwulf promotes Blade kegs and Subs, while BeerHawk promotes the PerfectDraft system. They both offer superb mixed beer cases, such as this incredible Abbey and Trappist beer case (Beerwulf affiliate link).

Beerwulf offers a range of subscription services which is quite cool, though I haven’t actually used it myself.

Beer Merchants

These guys flew under my radar for quite a while, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, I noticed that their stocks were less affected than BeerHawk and Beerwulf’s. I’m not sure if that is down to them being smaller, or being better prepared, or what, but they had a lot of Belgian and German beers that the others struggled with.

Beer of Belgium

I have bought a LOT of beer and glasses from this beer delivery service. It is the go-to place for the rarer Belgian beers that aren’t always available in the UK. At the time of writing, Beer of Belgium is unable to sell to the UK due to closed borders (COVID-19). I will update this section once the pandemic has passed and they are able to sell to us again.