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weights, gym, motivation

Self conscious at the gym

Over the years I have heard a lot of reasons why people would rather train at home than in a gym. Now that my coaching program requires clients to be at a gym I am hearing the same excuse over and over “I don’t want to join the gym until I’ve lost enough weight to join”. Which don’t […]

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coffee, caffeine, bullet-proof, nutrition

Coffee: How to REALLY make it bullet-proof

The only way to TRULY make your coffee bullet-proof is to drink it out of a Kevlar mug! Yeah, every once in a while the fitness industry brings out another corker. Bullet proof coffee is basically adding a tonne of butter to a black coffee. The reason why? I still have no idea. There is Zero science […]

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time to train, time management, motivation, personal training harrow

I just don’t have the time

One of the most popular excuses for people not training has to be the amount of time required. And there is no beating around the bush here, It does take up a lot of your time. Especially at first.  Travelling to and from the gym  Working out 4-5 times per week  Cooking healthy rather than convenient meals.   […]

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voice, personal trainer harrow, motivation

Stop listening to the voice in your head

Ever have that voice in your head telling you not to bother going to the gym today? Your success could depend on what you do with that advice I’ve always been a bit of an up and down person. I’m not talking Bi-polar or anything, but I have days where I am full of confidence, and […]

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calories, diet, nutrition, personal trainer harrow

Calories – Counting for Beginners

Counting calories has been one of the most controversial methods of dieting in the fitness industry for the last decade, with public opinion shifting between both extremes. For every trainer who tells you that it is dangerous and wrong there is another trainer who swears by it. I hate to sit on the fence when it […]

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gym, training, personal trainer harrow, weights, resistance

I’ve just signed up for the gym. Now what?

I’d had this idea for an article for brand new gym members running around in my head for a while and luckily a chance arose to write a guest blog for Texan personal trainer Amanda Hodges. She’s been in the industry for 15 years so I was very flattered to be able to write for […]

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nutrition, harrow personal trainer, healthy, choices, food

Stop ascribing moral value to your food

Guest Blog: Fabienne Marier, CPTN–CPT, MPI 1 examines the dangers of ascribing moral values to the food you eat   I’m ever fascinated by the qualifiers we tend to use around food. It’s all about extremes, isn’t it? From sinful desserts to guilt-free treats, it seems that food has crossed from the universe of nourishment into […]

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running, sprinting, Harrow personal trainer

Running articles collection

Over the past few months I’ve written a couple of running articles for WatchFit.com  and I thought I would share them here. They cover the subject of which type is better, sprinting or long distance? And whether Altitude Masks are a good idea or not. Now I know that Altitude Masks aren’t exclusively used for running, […]

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protein, steak, meat, creatine, Harrow personal trainer

Protein: Everything you ever needed to know

I’ve been writing for WatchFit.com for over a year now and honestly it’s the best way I’ve found to combine my love of writing with my love of being a massive fitness nerd! The main subject I’ve been writing about recently has been protein. So I thought I would share the links to all 5 […]

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mini golf, burger king, sex, European Championship, Harrow personal trainer

Golf, Burger King, Sex, and Championships

I love almost all sport (except anything with a motor or hooves), and particularly love an under-dog story. A team or sportsperson that was given no chance by anyone but manages to win anyway. James “Buster” Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson, Japan beating South Africa at the Rugby world cup, or Europe winning the 2012 […]

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