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How to be your own Personal Trainer (part three)

As in articles one and two of how to be your own personal trainer, part three will help you to create a program that will help you hit your own personal targets. We will look into macro-nutrient ratios, supplementation, and creating your own motivation. Your personal macro ratios Protein – Find your bodyweight in lbs, […]

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Beer and gut health

Beer n Biceps

So I read recently that you should write about what you love, and if that’s the case then my love is beer and working out. So here it is. In many ways my love of beer and my love of training are inextricably linked; I drank a lot of beer so I had to train. […]

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Best Gym Workouts for Beginners

So I had a series of 4 articles published by WatchFit on the subject of creating beginners gym workouts. I thought I would link them all here and then it would be a lot easier to see them all, they are obviously designed for brand new gym-goers but even seasoned gym veterans could learn a […]

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