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Stop ascribing moral value to your food

Guest Blog: Fabienne Marier, CPTN–CPT, MPI 1 examines the dangers of ascribing moral values to the food you eat   I’m ever fascinated by the qualifiers we tend to use around food. It’s all about extremes, isn’t it? From sinful desserts to guilt-free treats, it seems that food has crossed from the universe of nourishment into […]

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running, sprinting, Harrow personal trainer

Running articles collection

Over the past few months I’ve written a couple of running articles for WatchFit.com  and I thought I would share them here. They cover the subject of which type is better, sprinting or long distance? And whether Altitude Masks are a good idea or not. Now I know that Altitude Masks aren’t exclusively used for running, […]

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protein, steak, meat, creatine, Harrow personal trainer

Protein: Everything you ever needed to know

I’ve been writing for WatchFit.com for over a year now and honestly it’s the best way I’ve found to combine my love of writing with my love of being a massive fitness nerd! The main subject I’ve been writing about recently has been protein. So I thought I would share the links to all 5 […]

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mini golf, burger king, sex, European Championship, Harrow personal trainer

Golf, Burger King, Sex, and Championships

I love almost all sport (except anything with a motor or hooves), and particularly love an under-dog story. A team or sportsperson that was given no chance by anyone but manages to win anyway. James “Buster” Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson, Japan beating South Africa at the Rugby world cup, or Europe winning the 2012 […]

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trainer, goals, setting, deadlift, training, Harrow personal trainer

How to be your own Trainer (part one)

Let’s be honest for a second, a lot of people NEED a personal trainer or coach but affording one is not an option. Over the years I have had countless people say that they “Wish they could afford a personal trainer”. Now whether they actually could or not is an issue for another day (i.e. […]

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trainer, coaching, deadlift, goals, program, Harrow personal trainer

How to be your own Trainer (part two)

In part one of how to be your own trainer, we looked into goal setting. This article will look into program design and diet. Having been coaching clients for 6 years now, I feel that I have worked out the best way to get results.   Coaching program design. ​Any program that you design needs […]

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personal, trainer, training, coaching, program, plan, goal, motivation, Harrow personal trainer

How to be your own Personal Trainer (part three)

As in articles one and two of how to be your own personal trainer, part three will help you to create a program that will help you hit your own personal targets. We will look into macro-nutrient ratios, supplementation, and creating your own motivation. Your personal macro ratios Protein – Find your bodyweight in lbs, […]

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Beer and gut health

Beer n Biceps

So I read recently that you should write about what you love, and if that’s the case then my love is beer and working out. So here it is. In many ways my love of beer and my love of training are inextricably linked; I drank a lot of beer so I had to train. […]

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workouts, weights, tabata, circuits, strength, resistance, Harrow personal trainer

Best Gym Workouts for Beginners

So I had a series of 4 articles published by WatchFit on the subject of creating beginners gym workouts. I thought I would link them all here and then it would be a lot easier to see them all, they are obviously designed for brand new gym-goers but even seasoned gym veterans could learn a […]

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